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well if he does then hes obviously a twit, next time hes doing it turn around and tell him hes the uglyest person you've ever seen, if he likes you hel be hurt and want to make you like him by being nice.

But of course!!!!....BB

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How do you know that he is flirting with you?

Hes around you alot, he makes excuses to talk to you and see you, he teases you, he's nice to your friends, he's always there for you :)

Who made your mom jokes?

My mom makes my mom jokes

Theres this guy and hes always nice to me jokes with me and slightly teases me and he makes eye contact with me then smiles and he played a song he'd written on his guitar to me once does he like me?

Yes! Sounds like he's flirting :) just be friendly back!

How can I get a guy to say likes me?

you can get a guy to like you by hanging out with him or laughing at his jokes if he makes jokes but if he makes fun of you he likes you definitely likes you

Are jokes funny?

Jokes do not have to be funny. But if they are not funny, they are not really jokes! There are bad jokes and there are good jokes. Good jokes are better. Bad jokes can be embarrassing........It would be interesting if someone could tell us what makes something funny, but there not be an answer to that. You just have to know it when you see it, I guess!

What makes George Lopez funny?

his jokes

Why is Louis Tomlinson a class clown?

Because he loves to see people happy, and making jokes makes people laugh. Seems to be great to be around! He does caer about people though, as much as he jokes around, he really can feel deeply concerned about things.

What jokes makes the grumpy old king kick you out?

yo mama jokes......... boy those are punishers!

What character traits does Mercutio have?

His name, Mercutio, comes from the god Mercury. It suggests that he is changeable or fast-moving. Mercutio is full of jokes, mostly dirty jokes, and is a fun and lively character. He sees all male-female relationships as being about sex and sex only and makes fun of anyone who thinks differently. He likes teasing and taunting people: look how he teases the nurse and taunts Tybalt.

Where are the laws of your country made?

the executive branch makes them and the judical accepts or denies.

What is a good fairy odd parents Wanda joke?

Wanda makes many jokes. One of Wanda's jokes is about farting.

What does makes a comedy a comedy?

it has to be amusing in some way and have jokes in it

What is a joke that makes people groan?

Painful arthritic jokes.

How can you tell my crush likes me?

He stares at you all the time (if you are not sure about this get you friends to see if he stares at you)He tries to find out info about youHe looks at your photo on the school registerHe blushes when you talk to himHe makes an excuse to talk to youHe teases you but nicelyHe likes to see you smileHe swears and makes jokes, and when he does he looks at youIn a crowd he looks for youTHIS IS HELPFUL INFO. AS MY CRUSH DOES ALL THIS TOO ME. I AM DEFINITE HE LIKES ME. HOPE THIS HELPS FOR YOU.

What is a silly person?

a silly person is a person who usually makes jokes or fools around... maybe like someone i know.... Yeah well...there's you answer!!

What is jokes?

A funny statement or question that usually makes people laugh.

What makes a girl laugh?

Just being yourself tell her jokes

What makes Michael Jackson smile?

Jokes, fans, family and his friends.

How do you know if a middle school boy is flirting with me?'s what I think are some good signs: 1) He smiles at you alot. When he passes you, when he talks to you, when he looks at you. 2) He looks at you and stares at you. He tries to get you to look at him, or he looks at you ALL the time. 3) He talks to you, compliments you, teases you, whatever! Just makes conversations and tries to act like one of your friends. 4) Jokes around you, tries to impress you, wants to make you laugh :) Hope this helps!!

What does that mean if the guy you like acts different when you are around like he dreams a lot but he never dreams before?

well guys act different around girls...if he teases you or makes you mad he probably likes you or something. oh and guy never dream before they dream after.

If a boy teases you a lot does he like you?

If it is not mean teasing that makes you sad then yes. He likes you in some way either as a friend or more.

How do you know boys really like you?

From my experience...the boy either teases you or makes fun of you. Other times the boy is really sweet.

If a guy makes dumb jokes while talking to you does that mean he likes you?


What is gigglechuckleitus?

Gigglechuckleitus is a condition that makes people laugh uncontrollably at their own jokes

What image does Golding use when Ralph first teases piggy?

The naked Ralph runs around Piggy with his arms outstreched in imitation of the wings of a fighter plane and makes machine gun sounds. In effect Ralph has "shot him down."