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He either likes you or is doing it on a dare. Say yes for a date in the neer future that is best for your schedule and get a copy of the Rules (a guide book on dating ) at your local library and read it cover to cover before you go out. Put him off as long as you can to give you time to read. That's how I got my husband.

AnswerThere are no "rules" when it comesto dating...Go with your heart and in this case I think he difinitely likes you..Why would he ask you out if he didn't like you..especially twice?!!Go with your gut if you like him and feel he is sincere say yes...
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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:24:23
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Q: Does a guy like you if he has asked you out twice?
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What if a guy asked you out twice but you lied and told him you have a boyfriend and now you like him?

If you and him are still friends u could tell him that u are single and ask him out

Does a guy like you when he asked you do you miss him?

As a guy myself, I would say yes, if he asked you if you miss him.

What if you were going out with a guy but the guy you really like asked you out?


What do you do if you got asked out but like someone else?

Tell the guy you asked out that your sorry but you like someone else.

You REALLY like this guy but you have only met twice what do you do?

get 2 know the guy more.

You see a guy twice he says he likes you and you say you like him 100 percent and that his everything you want in a guy and he goes its not like that we've only met twice is he still interested in me?

it means your scaring him!

You like a guy he likes you back he asked you out what to do?

say yes!

What do you do when a guy is flirting with you and you like him a lot?

Ask him out.Guys love to be asked out.This is coming from a guy.

I asked this guy to a dance she said he would try to go and he hasn't asked me out Why won't he ask me out I feel like he knows I like him?

If the guy likes you then he will let you know. Maybe he is a little shy.

What should I do when I like this guy because he is so cute and funny?

if a girl asked this just ditch him and hook up with me. if a guy asked this then go die in a well

What if one of your friends gets asked out by one of your best guy friends and you think you might like the guy?

Try to find out if you do like the guy, then if you do, tell your friend.

What if you tell a guy if he wants to hear abt a guy ulike and he says watever and then says you should ask tht guy out it dus not mean anything does it?

If the guy that asked hoo do u like and he says waters that kinda means he likes u or if that guy asks u hoo u like and he says waterer and u ask the guy out it cud mean that the guy asked u he cud hate the guy u asked out

What does it mean when a guy you like asked about your old relationship?

It means like omg he wants you

What does it mean if the guy you like is asked if you and he says why would I at lunch?

He clearly doesn't like you

What if you can't date but a guy you like asked you out?

I would secretly go out with him.

How do you tell your parents that you want to date the guy that asked you out?

i really like this guy named (blah blah bla) and he asked me out so i want to date him and if they so no do it anyway

How will I respond if the guy i like asked me to the prom?

depends if you like him or not if not say no if yes sy yes

Is it bad to ask a guy out on his birthday?

sorry it is me again this is my 1st time on So there this guy at my school that I like and I was thinking he liked me to but when I asked him out he said "no sorry" we are friends. Is it cos I asked him out on his birthday and on Facebook or he just didn't like me like that

What do you do if your best friend and you like the same guy and he asked you out?

kik ur bff in the face and u take the guy!

What do you do if a guy asks you out and he was the first guy that ever asked you out?

well first decide if you like to depend on how you opinion

What do I do this guy like me but I don't like him but he keeps asking me out and I have told him no twice?

tell him hes a nerd and to get over you

A guy asked you for just a friendly hug but he kept on hugging you for a while does he like you?

* * * * *

What is the good way to say no when a guy that you don't like asked you out?

There is no good way.

What do you do when two guys you like ask you?

You should go out with the guy who has asked you first.

What if you asked the guy you like out and he said no?

Just tell him that you were kidding and walk away.