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First off, more information would be very helpful. If you look good, he probably wants to sleep with you. If he talks to you alot he probably likes you.

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Q: Does a guy like you if he is a jerk to you but he says the sweetest things and sometimes talks to you at school?
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When a girl talks in school is it always about school?

no not always No when a girl talks in school it is not always about school.

What does it mean when your girlfriend always talks about you?

That depends what she talks about. If she talks good things about you then that means she really likes you. If she talks bad things about you then that means she really doesn't like you.

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If a guy stares at you a lot talks to you a lot touches you're hand sometimes takes things from you when you're holding it such as a pencil or laughs at your jokes does it mean that he likes you?


How do you get boys in middle school to like you as a girlfriend?

Giggle when he talks, say funny things, and talk to him frequently (careful not to troll, just to keeps tabs).

What do you do if your boyfriend hardly talks to you at school?

then you talk to him

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If there's this girl at my school who always talks to me and asks tons of questions about me Does she like me?

maybe shes tryin 2 find things in common with u and o on frum there

What questions can you ask your boyfriend?

if you ask your boyfriend a question make it simple and make some jokes sometimes but not too much.or he will think evrytime he talks to you you will make a joke all the time.make simple talks like the weather.try to find things in common. like swimming so you can hang out with eachother.

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How do you know when a boy flirts?

sometimes he will stutter or think hard about what he says before he says it. Mostly he may jump around to things about you and your likes and comparing how he likes them to. trust me, my girlfriend new i was flirting her because of all these things. so if you see these things when i guy talks to you, he probably likes you

How do you tell if a girl likes you in 5th grade?

it depends on her personality. Here r the signs: sometimes acts silly, sometimes shy, sometimes mean, sometimes talks too much, sometimes embarrassed, and sometimes sick.

What does is mean if you ex talks to you and leave you several times?

if your ex talks to you and leave you several times .This means that sometimes he misses or gets bored and need you at times .So ,he talks you to.But ,sometimes when he doesn't talk either he don't need you or he come to know u r not with him anymore.

If a guy talks to lots of girls but not you but you've seen him looking at you does he like you or the girls he talks to?

sometimes it means he likes u because he is trying to make u jealouse but sometimes it means he was just checking u out but dosent like u

What does it mean if a guy you like who likes you back and occasionally talks to you sometimes ignores you and talks to people around you for awhile and starts to talk again when you ignore him?

Young love

What does it mean when your friend talks to the guy you like and talks about you to them and all the guy says is I do not knowbut talks to you sometimes on occasion?

nothing...maybe your friend didnt talk enough about you or either the guy just isn't really into you....find out from ur friend

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How do I know if a girl in my 4th grade class and say she hates me but talks to me a lot and looks at me a lot does she love me and I love love love her?

I'm in high school let me tell you a little something I have learned about girls. When they say they hate you, sometimes they don't mean it. If she talks to you a lot start a friendship with her and get closer to her. if you love her then wait until you feel the time is right and ask her out.

Why don't i like some of my friends?

Friends can be mean, rude or hurtful. They can pick on you, say rude things, or not act like your friend. Sometimes, it's not even about the hurtful things they do. Friendship have to do with interest. Sometimes if you don't have the same interest, you don't like your friends. Also, it just may be you don't like the way you friend talks or acts. Perhaps, you should write a list of things you like about your friend, and things you don't. (:

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Llama that sh*ts in the pool.

What if your boyfriend doesn't text you that much but he talks to you at school?

If it bothers you then talk to him about it.