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Many guys are shy and awkward when they like a girl and yes, I'd say he likes you a lot. If you like him, make it a little easier for him by taking the time to stop and talk to him. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-08 18:56:54
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Q: Does a guy like you if he is in your homeroom and he always stares at you and tries to bump into you in the halls?
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How do you know a 13 year old girl likes you in school and your a 13 year old boy?

if the girl always stares at you alot or if she tries to get close to you and tries to talk to you every once in a while and little things like that

How can you tell He's into you?

Well I guess if he always stares at you and he tries to make you laugh or smile. If he isn't scared to say he cares about you and misses/thinks about you wen your gone.

This guy i met twice always tries to get a reaction from me either joking or small talk stares at me from the distance and knows the color of my eyes does he like me?

Most likely

What if a guy tries to get close to you and a guy tries to make a conversation and he teases you about something and he smiles and stares at you is that sign that he likes you?

well i think you should take a while if he always does that to you then yes!!! jost go along if you like him too.. sign my message board!!

How do you tell that a girl likes you?

If a girl always stares at you and talks to you A LOT! She will try to be really flirty, like smile a lot and bite her lip and make you go insane about her! She will not stop talking about you cause she is crazy in love with you! She will always try to get your attention and try to be cool but it looks funny. She tries to wear the new and latest and sexiest stuff and just tries to impress you in general.

What does it mean if a boy stares at you but has girlfriend and he tries to pretend he likes the same singer as you but he hates them?

He is interested in getting to know you.

How can tell if a guy likes you?

Usually the boy usually stares at you and doesn't talk to you or just shows off and tries to get you to notice him

How do you know if a guy wants to ask you out if he doesn't talk much but stares at you and tries to be around you for no reason?

you dont you just wait

What does it mean if a guy gives you a snowflake with four hearts on it in middle school Asian guy always stares at you and tries to provoke games?

You'd need to be very specific about the culture. It doesn't have any firm, established meaning that I know of.

What does it mean if a guy starts to act differently around a girl like always walking past her and stares at her in class and tries to make her jealous and etc ever since he caught her staring at him?

It means they either like u or thing you are a bab

What does that mean if a guy sometimes stares and tries to get your attention and be around you and says hi to you differently for over a year?

He likes you! Unless your a guy.

Does a guy like you if he always tries to get your attention by yelling hey or your name and he always stares at you and he's loud whenever you're near?

This guy probably does like you if he's always trying to get your attention all the time. Making loud noises and always calling your name probably means that this guy has a crush on you. He wants you to notice him and he's doing everything he can to make that happen. Viola

How do you know if a girl want your attention?

Well a girl definitely wants you attention if she stares at you alot, makes fun of you, or tries to make conversation with you.

I am in 5th grade and i am wondering how to know if a guy likes you?

Well you will know because he messes with you abunch. He stares at you in class, and he tries to get your attenton abunch.

Is it correct to say John always tries to be polite?


What is the name of someone who always tries new things?


How do you know if a 11 year old boy likes you?

If he looks at you a lot or stares at you, if he hugs you, if he is really nice to you, if he smiles at you a lot, if he tries to hold your hand, if he talks to you a lot, or if he hangs out with you.

Why is a girl acting more different around you than she used to she is more quiet and shy and tries to avoid you at times but still stares smiles and waves when she sees you?

she realized that she likes you..

What can be the reason for a guy to not give up on a girl when its been over a year that hes shown signs of liking and now still stares and prolongs gazes and tries to get your attention?

He loves you!

How do you know thqt a girl loves you?

If she always stares at you and tries to talk to you a lot then she probably likes you. If You like her talk to her back and don't leave when shes talking even if shes also talking to her friends. If she really likes you she might even sit at your lunch table but most girls won't have the guts to do that.

How can I a 6th grade girl tell if an 8th grade boy likes me?

i am in the 7th grade and this 9th grader liked me he would always look at me and smile when i see him in the halls,and one day he asked me what grade i was in and how old i was, but basically if he smiles at you or tries to make himself visible 4 you to see him he must likes you ..

Who always tries to steal the recipe for Krabby Patties?

Sheldon Plankton.

Who is the guy that always tries to kill Bugs Bunny?

Elmer Fudd

How do boys show that they like a girl?

um......kinda hard........they r all nice but can be mean stares at them alot in class or out tries to talk to I am a girl i know all that stuff trust me

Does a woman like you if she sometimes just stares at you or stares right in your eyes?

Could be. if she stares right in to your eyes she has fallen deeply in love with you. I know as I have an adult student who I teach and during the lesson he always tries to hold eye contact with me. I try to hold eye contact with him as it is a magical feeling but I always end up going bright red and having to look away. I am so in love with him that I cannot wait for the next lesson when he does it again and he always does. If I wasn't interested I would never dream of holding eye contact, it would disgust me as I have had someone stare into my eyes in the past and I quickly look away. It is a moment of deep intimacy just between the two of you. You must like this woman if you have gone to the trouble of asking for an explanation. Ask her out if you do like her. I am waiting for the moment when this student will ask me out. I think at the moment he is kind of testing the water. No one likes rejection