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It sounds like he likes to get the attention of different girls, likes to flirt, etc. If he really wanted to be with one particular girl he would have asked someone out by now or focused his flirting on just the one person.

AnswerIf two years has gone by and he hasn't made a move, I think its safe to say No, he doesnt. Maybe he is just a playful guy and considers you both good friends. Just because a guy looks at a girl and bothers her doesnt mean he likes her. There is more to it than that. Does he go out of his way to see you and be at places you are. Do other people say that they see that he has a thing for you or her. Has he given you any tokens of affection and tried to be casual about it. Has he ever asked you out on a date. Why not be an IT girl of this century and ask him" What kind of girls do you like" see what his answer is. If its " girls like you" then maybe there's something, if he describes someone else entirely, there's your answer too.
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