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No what this guy sounds like is a weasel and a game player. He asked you to ask her out knowing you do not like her, hate is a strong word. Why did you do it in the first place, should have told him to do his own dirty work. He stares at you all the time and gets real close to you and has a girlfriend. Again, being a weasel, he has a girlfriend so he is disrespecting her and he is definitely disrespecting you. Do you want to be sloppy seconds or stuck in the middle of a triangle that this poor excuse of a guy is putting you in. Move on to guys that have eyes only for you and will give you the respect you deserve. P.S. Never let anyone make you do something that you don't have an interest in. Not to say everything you do for others should benefit you but think before you act, maybe you don't "hate" the girl as much as you think, maybe you just don't know the real her or never tried to. Us woman need to stick together.

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Where can you have a Gay make out session with out anyone knowing?

With a close friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend) in a dark room alone. :]

How do you know if your boyfriend is still inlove with his ex-girlfriend?

when his ex walks by notice the way he acts toward you. if she walks by and he gets all close and lovey dovey with you chances are he is so over her but if he backs off, gets nervous or stares at her, he can't get over his ex

Do owls close there eyes?

no they stare at you like a pedofile stares at a kid

What if boyfriend wants to get very close to girlfriend?

Just tell him you are going to fast, I'm a boy if I was going out with you I wouldn't mind if you asked me to slow down.

How should a woman approach another women without knowing if she is lesbian?

when you asked that question, did you think what you would do if you lesbian? i used to be married to a man ,then we had a divorce and i went with my wife jenny.[ i am a woman by the way.] when we met i asked her if she was lesbian and she said no. i made her lesbian by telling her i really liked her as a girlfriend and then we had sex and made out. Now we have 11 kids. So if you are not lesbian i say, if you have a really close friend that is a girl, then i say ask 4 sex and do it girlfriend! you never know, she might say YES!

If a boy stares at you and then walks really close to you does he like you?

he may like u. talk to him about it.

What does it mean when a boy stares at a girls private part for a long time?

Matters if you have close on or not. If not then he wants to get dirty.

Why does your ex girlfriend live close to you?

She doesn't

How can you become more emotionally available to your girlfriend?

Being close to your girlfriend or spending quality time will bring you close. It will also make you emotionally available to her.

If an ex-girlfriendlover lays her head in your lap and asked you to play with her hair what do this mean?

If an ex-girlfriend or lover lays her head in your lap and asked you to play with her hair, it is likely to mean that she wants to get close to you. Be sure that you know how you feel about her, and what you want, before you make a move.

If a guy constantly stares at you and always walks really close to you does that mean he likes you?

Probably. Or someone told him to stalk you.

Your close friend asked you to kiss her?

do not kiss her do not

Did edward VI have a girlfriend?

Lady Jane Grey was rumoured to be his girlfriend or a very close friend

Did Rudolf have a girlfriend growing up?

No. Rudolf didn't have a girlfriend. but was really close to one girl

If your girlfriend is really close to you should you hug her?

Why not?? Yes! =)

How do you know the right time to kiss him?

Well if he pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes for a while, it's the right time.

If a boy stares into your eyes a lot and he asks questions about you and he gives you complements about your clothes and he gets close to a lot what does that mean?

He is interested in you.

Does Skandar Keynes have a girlfriend?

No GirlfriendOn October 26, 2010, Skandar Keynes does not have a girlfriend. He is close to a girl named Liberty and he says they are best friends.

How does the comfort of food compare with the comfort of knowing God?

Not even close.

What are the signs a guy likes you that you might be missing?

If he stares at you and, trys to be close to you, touch you, or makes fun of you in a funny and nice kind of way

You are not boyfriend or girlfriend but he always stares at you and yet he sometimes is hugging other girls you are confused?

If he's only hugging them shortly for a greeting, that's completely normal and doesn't mean anything. If he stands cuddling with them for longer times it most likely means they are very close friends of his, but nothing more.

What does a boy want his girlfriend to be like?

To be his close friend and supporter.

Does Christian beadles have a girlfriend in 2012?

he doesnt have a girlfriend. Olivia Stanziale(sp?) and him are getting very close as you can see on twitter.

What if your crush stares at you with his mouth hanging open and he looks like he's in a trance what does this mean?

If you are real close together, he might be trying to get you to kiss.

Does Cody Simpson has girlfriend?

her name is haley stone I am a close friend!(:

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