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I hope that's true because then a guy likes me.

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Why do you like a guy more when they ignore you?

You like a guy more when they ignore you because when hes not talking to you then you get anxious and you miss talking to him. So you tend to like him more.

What is the worst thing to say to a guy you really like?

It depends what the guy likes, and don't ever keep talking and talking and talking and talking and so on trust mwa.

What should you do if the guy you like is talking about you to another guy?

Depends on what he's saying

Does the guy you like like you if he is jealous whenever he sees you talking to a guy and gets your attention?

probably but remember the boy might actually be jealous of the boy you're talking to-boys are like that. but it sounds like he does like you! ;)

What is the first step in talking to a guy you like?

A smile.

What are some excuses for talking to a guy you like?


Why would a guy talk to everyone but avoids talking to you if he already knows you like him?

A guy may avoid talking to a woman he knows likes him if he doesn't like her back.

What does it mean if a guy saysi like talking with you?

Then he likes talking to you, and wants to talk more.

How should a guy act?

If you want a guy you can rely on forever and ever, they have to be sweet and considerate of your feelings. They also have to live life, wanting to be devoted to you. If a guy swears, or talks to you like a friend on a cell phone, THROW HIM AWAY!!!

What is the best way to get a 6th grade guy to like you?

There is a few ways to get a guy to like you. You can try talking to the guy and doing things he likes.

What does it mean when the guy you like finds out you like him and starts talking to you more?

he likes you

What to do tell your boyfriend if you were not talking to another guy?

Something like this: I wasn't talking to another dude or the dude you accuse of talking to.

Do you guys like dirty blondes?

It depends on the guy you are talking about.

What to do to if you like a guy?

start talking to him and hint you want to go out ;)

How do you know a guy like you with out talking to you?

he will look at stare at you and sit by you

When a guy asks you if you are talking to someone else?

If it's likely that the guy you're talking to will end up dating you, apologize to the other guy and focus on the one you're talking to. If not, start talking to this new guy. However, in the end, it all comes down to one (double-faceted) question: who do you like most, and which guy likes you most?

What if you tell your guy friend you like him and he stops talking to you?

i tryed that, just stop talking to him, and then he'll come start talking to you again

How do you talk to a guy that you like?

If the guy doesn't have the guts to talk to you then you start talking to him about sports or something that you know that he might like to talk about.

What is the song talking about a guy not acting like the nice guy he is?

Nice guys by kevjumba, nigahiga, and chestersee

If a guy you like isn't talking to you what do you do?

Answer from one of my girl friends - "punch him"

Does a female like when a guy goes up to her and starts talking to her?


What does it mean when your guy friend stops talking to you?

It Means He Thinks You Like Him

How can you start talking to a guy when you know he likes you and you like him but you are both shy?

Talk about something you know hes like and will start talking with you about it no matter what, =}

Is he jealous of me talking to a guy if I and a guy are talking and he pokes the guy and stares at me and finds something to talk?

He may be jealous or maybe hes worried about loosing you because it seems like you and the other guy have something going on even if you don't.

What does that mean if the guy you like comes and interrupts the conversation when he sees you talking to another guy?

It usually means that he likes you and considers the other guy a threat to his chances with you. but it depends on what the guy you like said