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depends if you are friends or not. if so then he likes you if you guys really fight and AREN'T friends then you guys like each other and don't know it. yea if you guys are already friends and he finds it funny its ok, but its not gonna make him like you any more. i remember a couple of times (back in highschool) when i'd have some girls that were straight up pain in the butt to me... i never could figure out why they hated me. turns out most of them ended up having huge crushes on me (i learn this talking to there friends after we graduated)

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What will guys do if there are jealous for a girl?

They will fight or act like they hate that girl

Why do you always fall for the girl who hates you?

I think you always fall for the girl who hates you because you feel happy with her. Though you guys may fight a lot, she might just be the one who can keep a smile on your face. Afterall, she might just hate you on the outside but actually love you on the inside. It happens a lot. Someone falling in love with someone who hates them.

Being a cheerleader?

being a cheerleader is cool im a cheerleader and its fun cuz you know after school you go to practice, there is always that girl who you hate but the rest are like family there is one girl i hate her name is kathya ugghhh

What does it mean when a guy doesn't want you to fight a girl?

A. He knows the girl will beat him up so says no B. He really is tuff and doesn't want to hurt her. C. He likes her and doesnt want the girl to hate him.

Who is more likely to fight?

The girl is more likely to fight actually. you have probably seen girls get into so much drama getting angry at other girls. boys rarely hate each other and not to the point to fight at the time.

What names does justin bieber hate for a girl?

He doesnt hate any girl he Treats them with Respect

If you talk to a girl how do you get her to like you if she almost hates you?

well im a girl and when i kind of hate a boy he always makes me like him if he's funny and makes jokes and is nice

Why did Australia fight Japan?

because Australia hate and fight with japan first ^_^

How do you respond to we should hang out more from a girl you hate?

Just say "sure" to her. Ignore her afterwards, it is always better not to hurt people.

What do you do when you hate a girl?

Ignore her

What do you do when your is hanging out with a another girl that you hate?

Change the hate feelings to love. You can over look the hate.

What do you mean by embracing the hate?

It means, love the person who ever hates you. Fight for love, not for hate.

West Side Story Summary?

Gangs hate each other Boy meets girl from other gang Boy and girl fall in love Gangs fight Boy dies Gangs make peace

What Nick Jonas does he hate in a girl?

Nick probably hates what all guys hate in a girl. If they are snobbish and rude. Its unattractive.

Did athena hate Poseidon?

No, but they are family, and families do fight.

Why did peasants fight in the crusades?

Because your parents hate you.

How do you hate a girl that you once loved?

because she dumped you cold, and now you hate her!!

What does boy hate about a girl?

maybe they really like but just pretend to hate you

How do you deal with a girl you hate?

Ignore her.

Hola does your mom hate you?

The answer is always no.

Something a cowbow woul hate happen in a fight?


Why do your guinea pigs fight when breeding?

they hate each other

There is a girl at school at school who seems to hate you for no reason how can you get her to not hate you?

You can't make someone NOT hate you. Just ignore her and get on with your life.

Those whom you can love you can hate to others you are indifferent meaning?

always love but not hate

Why do you hate your best friend?

If you hate your best friend, you have probably had a fight or disagreement of some sort. Always remember that this person is your best friend, and you know they would do anything for you. You love them like a sister and them you. You will hopefully work it out soon. Feel better, Advice Guru.