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Does a guy really like you if he tells you he does but says he can't go out until eighth grade?



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Does he have any reason to lie? I wouldn't let my son or daughter date in the 8th grade, so seems pretty reasonable to me.

yea, if i didnt like a person id use the true excuse of not being able to til im 16, if i kind of liked them id say i cant til im 16 but i don't know what my feelings will be then and anythings possible, and if i really liked them id tell them i do like them but i cant be w/ them til im 16, but if theyd be willing to wait ill still be there in a year. it sounds like he does like you. and think about it, if he needed an excuse he wouldn't come up with i cant date til im older cuz he wouldn't want to be embarassed. no one would say that unless it were true.