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More than likely. Because if he did not have feelings for her anymore then he would not be asking about her.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-12 16:27:15
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Q: Does a guy still have feelings for his ex if he asks her friend how she is doing?
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What do you do if your ex's best friend asks you out but you still have feelings for your ex and his best friend?

well have a three way

My friend and i have only gotten to know each other for a bit and randomly asks for a kiss what can i say?

I am elated you asked this question. Do have feelings for this friend? Tell them if you do or not. and if you have feelings for them you should probably date this friend. I went through the same thing but my friend didn't have those feelings for me so i just forgot it but we still are great friends!

What does it mean when a friend asks if you have feelings for them?

They want to know if you are attracted to them romantically (do you have a crush on them)?

What does it mean when a guy ask you do you still have feelings for him what does that mean?

It means that he wants to know whether or not you still have feelings for him. If he seems hopeful when he asks, he's either narcissistic or he has feelings for you, too.

What do you do if your friend is going to the movies and with his date and invites you for confidence and your mom asks what you are doing?

Tell her what you are doing. Is there a problem with that?

What does it mean if guy tells is ex girlfriend he thinks your pretty beautiful and hot and when your best friend asks him if he was talking about you he says what uh no and blushes?

it mean he still has feelings for you!! :P

What does it mean when your ex asks his mom about you?

He wants to know how you are doing and still loves you.

What does it mean when someone asks your ex if they love you and they say yes?

Your ex obviously still has lingering feelings for you.

What do you do when your best friends ex likes you and you like him back?

First, ask your friend if she still has feelings for him, if she asks why, say that you kinda like him. Tell her it's okay, and that if she still has feelings for him, that you won't go out with him. If you're really friends with her, you'll listen to this advice. The same thing happened to me last week with my best friend. Boyfriends come and go; liking a boy is not worth jeopardizing a good friendship.

What do you do if your friend asks your ex out he says no but then asks her out she say no then she asks his best friend out?

Stay out of it, it's none of your business

How do you tell if a guy still likes you even if he acts like he doesn't?

If you still notice him looking or staring at you. Or if he still asks a friend of yours or him about you.

What does it mean when a guy friend who you briefly dated two years ago and who was the one who broke up with you occassionally asks you about how your social life is doing?

he secretly still likes you but doesnt want to tell you

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