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Does a lien stay on the title forever in Texas?


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sad but TRUE, it sho DO.

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Forever. But what you can do is ask for a release of lien from the dealer. Once you get a release of lien from the dealer, you go threw the normal titled process in your state to obtain a lost title.

Until you pay the pawn man. You then need the pawn shop to cancel the lien and have it approved at the dmv.

Nope..salvage title will stay forever

It stays on your record in Texas forever.

You record a release of the lien. The evidence of the lien and its release stay on record forever. Obtain a copy of the release from the court and then send it to each of the credit reporting companies. Eventually, they will place a paid note onto your record. Keep the copy with your permanent records. Clarification: Credit reporting companies do not release the lien in the land records. In addition to notifying them that the judgment is satisfied you must arrange to have the release recorded in the land records. The recording of the release will clear the title to your property.

A tax lien does not stay with property, it follows the person. (State and Federal Tax Liens) Other types follow the property....Abstracts of Judgment, Mechanics Liens.....also voluntary liens such as Deeds of Trust, those follow the property as well.

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foreverAdded: DMV records do not expire - they are a lifelong accumulation of your driving history.

An unpaid tax lien will stay indefinitely, paid for seven years.

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yes, they stay where they are forever. That doesn't mean that they stay active forever.

Until the lien is cleared by paying off the debts associate with it.

A tax lien is when the IRS files a lien against a tax payer in the courthouse where the taxpayer lives. This lien will attach the the property the tax payer owns. The lien will stay in place until the lien is satisfied or the liability is paid. The lien does not need to be renewd.

i dont know it might stay forever

Every type of lien has its own statute of limitations. You would need to research the type of lien.

whenever a banker time period is specific for the lien

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