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Will paper clips attract a magnet?

No, but in fact, the magnet will attract most paper clips.

How do you separate copper from paper clips?

Use a magnet, which will attract the clips but not copper.

Why does room temperature magnet attract more paper clips than a hot or cold magnet?

yes becase u need it

Which part of a magnet can attract the most paperclips?

Most people will think that the 2 poles will attract the most number of clips but actually the part which can attract the most number of clips are the sides near the 2 poles ____________ | N S | |___________| ^ ^ here here

What materials can magnets attract?

Nails Paper Clips staples needles south magnet metal bracalet keys

What is a bar magnet and how it is use?

bar magnets are a magnet which are shaped like a bar and are not very powerful and are used to attract small objects such as u-pins, clips ECT.

Do magnets attract paper clips?

yes magets can attract iron paper clips

What is the force called that moves paper clips toward a magnet without the magnet touching the paper clips?

A magnetic force.

Do you expect paper clips to be attached or not attached to a magnet?

well it depends. colorful paper clips won't attach to a magnet. just plain ones do.

How many paper clips can a magnet pick up?

Depending on how strong the magnet is the amount of paper clips it can pick up will vary. Why don't you test it for yourself?

What are plastic clips used for?

Plastic clips can be used for a variety of things as they come in different styles. For example, there are plastic clips used to clip back hair and there is also clips that are used to clip together important news articles or paper files.

Where do you buy the clips to hang the odl enclosed blinds to your door?

If these are the plastic clips, you can use 1/4 " offset mirror clips. I called ODL and they said the plastic clips are no longer available.

How do you separate paperclips and sawdust?

use a magnet , the paper clips will be attracted to the magnet and the sawdust will not move or u can just pik out the paper clips

Does the size of a magnet hold more paper clips?

The bigger and stronger the magnet, the more it can carry

Do you expect paper clips to be attracted or not a attracted to a magnet?

yes because paper clips are made of metal

Why do paper clips hanging from a magnetic pick up other paper clips?

because the paper clip hanging from the magnet gets magnetized as well and acts like a magnet

What is the force is acted when the paper clips are attracted to magnet?


Are paper clips plastic?

Mostly paper clips are maid out of metals but you can have it maid out of plastic to but you need to look very hard.So yes sometimes.

What can a person craft by using plastic paper clips?

One can create many different crafts using plastic paper clips, as they are very versatile. Some things that one can create using plastic paper clips are: coasters, and picture frames.

A good example how magnets are used in everyday life?

Magnets are those things that stick to your fridge there is a perfect example. Fridge and the magnet attract so you can pin stuff on your fridge without need of pins or clips

Does a magnet need to touch the paper clips to excert and attractive force?

You need to do the experiment. If the magnet is strong enough, metal (steel, iron) will jump to the magnet (or pull the magnet towards it).

Do paper clips conduct electricity?

Most common paper clips are steel and conduct electricity. Some clips are made of plastic or have thin plastic coatings to reduce rust and these will not conduct electricity.yes

Can a strong magnet separate paper clips and paper cups?


What are examples of permanent magnets?

refrigerator magnet, (paper clips+nails)

Does a samller magnet hold more paper clips than a bigger magnet?

no its doesntt.. It doesn't depend on size, it depends on the specific strength of each magnet.