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No, only in extremely rare cases or behavioral disorders, wild animals might do it in extreme circumstances or when in captivity

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Q: Does a mother dog sometimes eat her new pups?
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What would cause a mother dog to kill all her pups?

Almost nothing. Mother dogs are very good to their pups, and are protective of them until they are old enough to be self-sufficient (6 months?). Did this happen to you? I have to disagree with this answer...I have seen many mother dogs kill and eat their pups. They will do this because of instinct. You may not be able to tell there is something wrong with them but the mother knows. If they are ill or have internal issues the mother will sometimes kill them and again sometimes eat them. It is very disgusting but its their nature.

Why would a mother dog not feed some of her pups or even all of her pups?

Sometimes the mother dog may not have enough teets to feed her large brood of pups, or, if she refuses to feed the pups she may not be well and a vet should have a look at her. She may have an infection or another problem. There are some female dogs who do not make good mothers and simply refuse to feed their pups. Either the owner has to bottle feed the pups or, if a breeder get another female to feed the pups. The worst breed I've seen recently is some Doberman females who will, for unknown reasons eat her healthy pups. Sometimes females will eat a pup when it is first born if there is something wrong with it, but the Doberman females are different.

Mother dog won't leave pups to eat and milk supply is very low pups are crying when nursing what do i do?

Puppies are 3 days old...

When will the mom stop feeding her pups?

when the dogs are ready to eat the food on their own... this also depends on the dog sometimes the dog is really slow to start to eat on its own and sometimes the dog is fast and starts to eat on its own really early.

Why would a mother dog eat her puppies?

AnswerIn some cases the mother dog will eat her pups if they are either sick or if her maternal instinct tells her they won't do well. This helps insure the "survival of the fittest."

When does the mother dog stops producing milk?

The mother dog stops producing milk usually when the pups are around 8-10 weeks old and are able to eat solid food

Can you still grab the father or the mother hamster if they have babies?

You can hold the dad, but not the mom or pups. The dad should be separated from the pups but you could hold him. The mom would eat the pups if you touched them, or sometimes even her! Never touch the pups until they are old enough.

Why would a dog eat its pups?

Dogs eat their puppies because they know there is something wrong with them. It's either the puppy was born dead or will die soon. The mother dog thinks she can get the nutrients she needs from the puppy.

What do Arctic fox pups eat?

They can drink the mother's milk or the mother brings food for them

Why do mothers dog eat there four day old pup?

Sometimes the mother dog eats their pup is because the mother can be very hungry and have nothing to eat so the only way to defend against the starve is to eat their pup.

Why does a mother dog eat her puppies pee and poop?

so that the puppies wont eat and get sick.But this will only happen when the pups are very little as they get older and mature the mom wont eat her puppies poop and pee

Why do dogs eat their pups?

They don't. not usually. However, if the pups are really sick and/or the mother is really starving, this could happen.

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