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The warranty starts the day you take delivery, and buy the car. No it doesn't. The warranty starts from the date of registration. So if you ask a dealer to register the car on the 31st March and you don't take delivery until the 15th April, your warranty starts from 31st March.

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2008-12-11 15:05:46
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Q: Does a new car warranty begin at contract to purchase date or delivery date of vehicle If you purchase a new car in March but don't take delivery until April how is your new car warranty calculated?
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Does a manufacturers warranty start on purchase date or delivery date?

As per the provisions of the Sales of Goods Act, sale is completed, when the goods passed to the buyer. Hence warranty begins from the date of delivery and not from the date of booking the goods.

You purchase a car that was listed as-is you would not buy it unless they gave you a service contract Can the dealer say the car was sold as-is and their is no implied warranty?

Of course they can. They are not obligated to give you a warranty.

What is service contract?

It's an extended warranty contract on automobiles.

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Have heard of this often. The money is never sent to buy the warranty in hopes that you will not try to use it during the warranty period. Money is then keep as profit for the loan company.

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