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... have to [pay] child support - yes, until/unless the child is adopted.


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A noncustodial parent cannot sign his rights over to his parents or voluntarily terminate his parental rights. He needs the permission of the court and the custodial parent.

at times yes but usually if the noncustodial parent does want to see the child they will be denied visitation rights and not be allowed to see the child

If there is no court mandated agreement that ensures the noncustodial parent visitation rights, then yes they can.

Yes, if the court allows him too. He will still have to pay child support.

No, when a mother or father relinquishes his parental rights he is no longer responsible for child support.

Though you can check with the group below, generally the same rules apply as in an adoption.

Any parent that voluntarily relinquishes their parental rights no longer has any obligations to that child. However, a parent choosing to do so will be responsible for any past child support payments. After a termination of rights, the birth-parent is no longer considered a parent in any capacity, unless there is a mediation agreement in place and signed by all involved parties.

Unless visitation rights for the non-custodial parent were allowed in the divorce paperwork, the custodial parent is completely within their rights to deny the non-custodial parent visitation....however, the non-custodial parent may sue for visitation rights.

Courts usually only allows parent to give up parental rights if the child is being adopted. But if they would allow her, it would be for the custodial parent to decide whether they would need child support or not. If they need support from the state the state will go after the mother first.

Since it ends at 18 or graduation, the expense to go to court would not be warranted. see links below

the custodial parent is the parent the child lives with the non custodial parent is the parent the child does NOT live with the non custodial parent assuming he / she knows he is a parent... is usually the patitioning parent. if he /she chooses not to seek visitation rights the court cannot force him/ her to see the child.... but they can enforce child support. research the laws for your state.

it shouldnt matter. if the parent has custidy and the other dont and there is no visitation rights then then yes the perant can move

A parent has visitation rights unless the Judge orders otherwise.If the offending parent gets arrested and convicted the custodial parent can file in court and POSSIBLY have the visitation rights revoked.

depends on your state ...but all you give up are major decsion making but you still have to pay support

With court approval and provided welfare is not involved. see links

The custodial parent can relinquish rights to child support payments by simply having such a statement notarized. This is not possible if there is a court order of child support in place. The custodial parent will need to file a petition in the court that issued the support order, the petition may or may not be granted depending upon the circumstances of the case. Furthermore, a custodial parent who voluntarily relinquishes the right to receive child support is not eligible for public aid.

None unless the custodial parent agrees to visitation. Stepparents have no rights concerning a non-biological child unless the court grants them guardianship.

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