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You can sign your rights away but you will still have to pay child support if you are the father or mother of the child. There is no way to avoid paying child support.

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Q: In Kentucky what is the law on signing your rights away and not paying child support?
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Do you still have to pay child support when signing over your parental rights in Massachusetts?

When you relinquish your parental rights so the child can be adopted you are no longer responsible for paying child support. You are liable for support until/unless child is adopted.

Can a man sign over rights to get out of paying child support?

Signing rights away will not stop any child support from being taken from the father. If the child is the fathers then he is financially responsible for the child weather he has rights or not.

Is a father's rights terminated if he pays child support?

Paying child support will not cause the father to lose his parental rights - neither will not paying child support.

Will signing over parental rights excuse csa payments?

Only if the document you sign specifies that your child support obligations are ended with the signing of the document. Do not assume signing over your rights automatically frees you from child support obligations!

Can a man in Texas give up his rights and stop paying support if there is no adoption in volved?

It's possible to give up his rights but he will not get out of paying child support.

North Carolina parent signing parental rights away?

Can you terminate parental rights if the absent parent is paying suport

Can i get out of paying child support if i give up my rights to the child in west Virginia?

No, giving up your parental rights and paying child support are two separate issues. You will still have to support your child.

What is the cost of signing of a father signing over his rights?

This is usually done preparatory to an adoption. Signing away one's rights does not terminate one's child support obligation.

In Kentucky can father sign over parental rights without the mother agreeing?

If you are looking to sign over your parental rights in Kentucky, you need to contact the family courts that deal with child welfare. Signing over your rights should only be done in extreme situations and in most cases you are then required to pay child support to the state.

Do you still have to pay child support in Kansas city Missouri if you sign over your rights?

Signing over one's parental rights does not does not terminate child support.

What if your sons Father has not seen him in 6 mouths and is not paying child support. Can you make him sign over his rights?

You cannot "make him" sign over, however, take him to court for child support, he is a dead beat, does not deserve a child, but he needs to pay up. the court will find him for you to make sure he pays. He may want to shirk his responsibility by signing over his parental rights if that is what you want. Signing over one's parental rights does not excuse one from paying child support. I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

In Wisconsin do you have to pay child support after signing rights away?

No, but you can't. see links below