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No. A direct quote is words from another author (besides yourself) that are copied verbatim. This always needs quotes. Paraphrasing does not need quotes. Paraphrasing is when you restate the author's ideas in your own words.

However, paraphrases sometimes incorporate direct quotes and these will need to be enclosed in quotation marks.

The source should be acknowledged.

A paraphrase is not a direct quote and does not require quotation marks. You do, however need to give credit to its author through correct citation.

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Q: Does a paraphrase have quotation marks?
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Is citing a quotation but leaving quotation marks off still plagiarism?

If you paraphrase, then it is NOT plagiarism. However, if you do not paraphrase, if you quote word for word, then it IS plagiarism.

A paraphrase actually from a source?

A paraphrase that is from an actual source is a quote. If writing, it should have quotation marks and works cited information.

What is an antonym for the word paraphrase?

An antonym for the word paraphrase is quotation.

Where do you put a period at the end of quotation marks or in the quotation marks?

In the quotation marks.

What is the difference between a paraphrase and a quotation?

A quotation uses the original author's words, but a paraphrase uses the essay writer's words.

Is a quotation fewer than 40 words when it appears in a normal paragraph where the author's words do not have to be enclosed in quotation marks?

Exact quoting of an author should always be enclosed in quotation marks and cited. If you paraphrase, it does not need quotes. Fair use word count is something different than when to use quote marks.

Is a paraphrase and a quotation similar?

No. A paraphrase is restating a whole text to make it clearer or easier to understand. A quotation is a few words or a sentence taken from a whole text. eg "to be or not to be" is a quotation from Hamlet

How do you use the word already in quotation marks?

If a word is in quotation marks, and you're quoting it, use single quotation marks to indicate an embedded quotation.

What do you not put in quotation marks?

Quotation marks should not be used when blockquoting.

How do you use paraphrase in a sentence?

The teacher asked the student to paraphrase the quotation, or put it in his own words.

Can you use a quote as a headline without quotation marks?

If you leave off the quotation marks, you are guilty of plagiarism. The quotation marks are required.

What is an indirect quotation?

He asked, "What is an indirect quotation?"

When is it okay not to use quotation marks with a quotation?

Never. You should always have quotation marks sorrounding a quote.

What rules apply to punctuation inside of quotation marks?

The same punctuation is used inside of quotation marks as is used outside of quotation marks.

What punctuation are put around a spoken word?

Quotation marks. "" <- are quotation marks

Does the punctuation go in or out of quotation marks?

Put the punctuation inside the quotation marks.

Do you write the name of a TV series in quotation marks or in italics?

Quotation Marks

How do you paraphrase assert something about?

using a quotation might not be useful

Do Brits put punctuation marks inside or outside quotation marks?

The British put their punctuation marks OUTSIDE of the quotation marks.

Should a play be underlined or enclosed in quotation marks?

It should be enclosed in quotation marks.

Are articles supposed to be underlined or with quotation marks?

Articles should be enclosed in quotation marks.

Do poems need quotation marks?

Poems do not need quotation marks, but they could have some.

Should novels be in quotation marks?

I think you don't write novels in quotation marks.

Can Apostrophes and quotation marks can be used interchangeably.?

Apostrophes and quotation marks can be used interchangeably.

Where are the quotation marks located when there is a question mark?

The quotation marks are placed at each end. In other words, the question mark should be inside the quotation marks.

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