Does a penguin eat seal meat?


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no they eat mostly fish

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A leopard seal will eat a fairy penguin.

no only the leopard seal eats a penguin

Killer whales, or orcas, eat both.

it depends which penguin. If you mean the Arctic Penguin then it is the Leapord Seal that hunts them.

they eat seal meat if they don't have enough food

moldy meat and sheeps lungs .

UnderWater a Seal above a penguin

no, it is the opposite way, leopard seals eat emperor penguins

They eat whale, seal meat fish and berries if they can fine any.

They chase them down in the water. The seal is faster than the penguin in the water and I have seen documentaries of them doing this. Leopard seals are really prime hunters.

Yes a Penguin is a food source but humans don't really eat Penguin we can but we don't. The penguin is eaten by the killer whale and the leopard seal.

Sure you can if you starve in somewhere cold. But that would be gross to me.

The Inuit will eat fish, and deer and seal meat, also caribou if available

Yes because fish is a type of meat and they eat fish.

Seals Manley eat Meat. so that would be penguins and other small animals

Penguins eat fish. Some people consider fish to be meat, others classify it separately.

yes they do a seal is meatand a lion is a carnivorelions are indigenous to Africa - there are no seals in AfricaA lion might eat a seal if fed one in a zoo.

Penguins eat fish, which is classed as meat, so yes, they are carnivores.

They eat lots of fish and meat. They eat all kinds of meat like seal, Polar bear and even some different types of sea bird.

the emperor penguins diet is carnovors they eat meat and live in Antarctica

The polar bear eats the seal, the seal eats the penguin, the penguin eats the fish

a leopard seal eats 5 penguins a day depending on its size and its appetite it usually hunts for 4.5kg of fish but it prefers penguin

a polar bear can! polar bears eat seals, PENGUINS , and any other meat they can find in the Arctic!

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