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A person can love you but it can also be an obessive or control love which can lead in some cases to abuse because the way they love the person can have a trust issue with not wanting you to be with family and friends

2006-08-25 00:25:59
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I am with this guy that I really like but my friends don't like him what should I do?

>I think that you should really think about your friends considerations, and that if you really like him. Pretend that you are a different person, and think about how you would go together with him, and if he has dine anything bad to you. If not, think about why your friends might hate him. It might be because your not spending enough time with them. If you are spending a oot of time with them, then consider new friends...

When should an hiv positive person share his or her status with friends and family?

Whenever the person is ready to tell people.

Help for sufferers of eatind disorders should preferably come from?

The person will need a lot of support from family and friends and should probably see a counsler or if it is really severe the person should go into the hospital.

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What do you do if you want to go out with your friend but all your friends think the person is weird and they are friends with this person too?

It should not be your friends choice, if you love this friend you should date them.

How do you track a child down that was abducted by a family member?

if you already did that they are already looking for the child so in the mean while you should look for the person how took your child by looking for Friends and family that mighty know were the person is

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It is your choice. no i suggest you don't because you will have to be switching between family and friends

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you should send them to both but most likely the family

Should you be friends with a gay person?


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you should celebrate it with your family and your special friends and with your neighbors!

What do you do if you don't know if you like someone?

You should take your time in deciding if you like the person. If you don't know ask for help from family members or your friends.

Are selfies being selfish to your friends and families?

If you're spending all your time taking photos of yourself, then yes, you're ignoring the people around you who you should be communicating with.

Why should it be important to us as individual?

The lord our family and our friends

When does gambling go from a hobby to an addiction?

The same as with any other hobby that becomes an addiction - when you become obsessed with it, when you spend money on your addiction that you should be spending on food, rent, and the electric bill, when you start neglecting your family and friends...

What is the relationship between a person and a pet?

It should be that of friends and buddies; the pet should be like a member of the family. And the dog and its master should protect each other and play and have fun and take care of each other.

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yor life experience, family, friends, or the economy.

When should you start introducing each other to friends and family?

Straight away your family is a big part of who you are

Should you be friends with your friends ex-fiance?

Yes, Depending on your relationship/friendship with that person.