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Does a plant die faster with no water or with no light?


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A plant dies faster without water.

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either of the two will do...... i guess both cold and hot water makes plant die faster.

Without proper nutrition, water, and soil, it will die, if it wasn't already dead. If the light is too intense, it will wither and die, just faster.

water. soda can make the plant sick and it will possibly die

flowers do not grow faster with salt water because if it is to salty or u put to much in the plant it will die so i think it will grow faster in regular water.

yes they can if they don't get enough water light and nutrition. light is not necessary for a plant to live.

no, a plant does not grow faster with sugar water because sugar can kill the plant and will affect the roots inside it. the plant needs regular water and you shouldnt water a plant with sugar water becuse plants already produce sugar and watering it with more sugar will cause an overdosage and cause the plant to die. this is true research and i hope this helps you! bye! -sincerly ms.clay

If you try an experiment, it wont die.With soda it wouldn't grow with salt it will grow.

It will basically die because the sun gives light to the plant and the water rises to the step and so the the plant isn't too wet the sun balances the scale the plant is supposed to have and supplies the dryness of the water!

It will die as faster than the usual time taken for it to die if it had a permanent supply of water.-Kayla.

rubbing alcohol will not allow the plant to grow very well but, regular water will let the plant grow. So the plant with regular water will grow taller and faster then the plant with rubbing alcohol. After about 5 weeks then the plant will start to die.

Yes. It actually shortens the plant life. The water in the plant will diffuse into the salt water. This means that the water that the plant cells use is drained down into the salt water because the salt can not pass through the plant which leaves the plant to die faster

It will die,because theres no light getting to it and a plant needs water and sunlight to grow and survive

Every animal and plant needs water with out water just like us human beings we die more faster than starving

im not sure how much light it needs but i do know that it needs sun light just like us we need sun light because it gives are bodys vitamin D if theres to much sun light the plant will die if theres to much rain (water) the plant will also die so it need just enough sun light and just enough rain (water)

I think one in sugar wayer would make it die faster cause to many sugar would make it die

sprinkle salt on it and it will poisin it

scientist Anthony J. Suero says: plants grow faster in soil because if its in water it will drown out causing the plant to die. if its in soil it will live healthy on nutrition and herbs

plant need sun light. normal light for a light bulb will make the plant grow for 5 days but then the plant will die.

It can die. But it really depends on how its being keep. Make sure it has enough water, soil, and sun light. It can die. But it really depends on how its being keep. Make sure it has enough water, soil, and sun light.

If a plant has little or no water, it will die pretty soon. However, you can buy such a thing as an air plant which gets the nutrients it needs from the air. If you give this plant water, it will die.

They need both, however a plant is more likily to die faster through lack of water than through lack of sunlight

If you put excess water in a plant the plant will die because soil has space between them which contain air and if the pores are filled by water then the plant is receiving no air so automatically plant will die

A plant provided with water but without sunlight will die because the sunlight is required by the plant to make its food through photosynthesis.A plant provided with sunlight but without water will die because water is needed to keep the plant alive.However, assuming two plants have been growing with water AND sunlight and you stop watering one and place the other in the dark, both plants will continue to grow for a time, one with the water it contains and the other with the food it has already made. The one in the dark will however make more growth before it dies than the one kept in the light because sunlight destroys an enzyme that causes the growing tip to elongate.

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