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The Sea sponge is a invertebrate


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A sponge is an INvertebrate, as it doesn't have a backbone

no it as an invertebrateVertebrate means that the animal has a backbone. The Sponge (Phylum Porifera) does not have a backbone therefore it would be classified as an invertebrate.

A sponge is an invertebrate, it has no backbone.

invertebrate because it does not have a backbone

Yes. Any animal without a backbone is an invertebrate. A sponge is a invertebrate because it has no backbone.

Cnidarians and sponges are not vertebrates. They are invertebrates, they have no backbone.

no vertebrates have a backbone. Sponges don't, so they're invertebrates.

No only animals called vertebrates have backbones and sponges are not vertebrates.

yes sponges are invertebrate animals without backbone

It just so happens that no, sea sponges are not vertebrates. To be a vertebrate you must have a backbone. Although a sea spong is categorized in the kingdom "Animalia" it does not have a backbone.

An animal that has no backbone is called an invertebrate. Examples would include octopus, fly and sponge.

No, invertebrate is the term used to describe a animals that don't have spines. Vertebrates are animals with spines. Humans, fish and birds are all examples of vertebrates. The sea sponge is an example of an invertebrate. It has no backbone.

Sponges don't have skeletons! They are invertebrates which means the creature doesn't have a backbone, but in this case, it doesn't have a skeleton! (I think this is right, I apologize if it isn't)

are sponge cakes made out of a sponge? what color is a sponge cake? have i ever had a sponge cake? why is it called a sponge cake? answers to questions above: are sponge cakes made out of a sponge- no. what color is a sponge cake- depends on the flavor. have i ever had a sponge cake- no. why is it called a sponge cake- because he flakey spongy feeling of the sponge cake and the sponge cake feels and looks like a sponge. tell me if this helps on sponge cakes or your research on sponge cakes. thankyou :]

Because he IS a sponge. An impossible, imaginary, animated, personified sponge - but still a sponge.

no backbone- invertebrate backbone- vertebrate

A gorilla does have a backbone, but it is different from a human backbone.

a kitchen sponge sea spone purple sponge (sea sponge)

There are believed to be at least 5,000 species of marine sponge. The following list includes a variety of interesting, but true, common names for the sponges (scientific names not added):Red SpongeElephant Ear SpongeBrown Tube SpongeBoring SpongeStove Pipe SpongeRow Pore Rope SpongeYellow Tube SpongeAzure Vase SpongeOrange Ball SpongeBrown Bowl SpongeRed-Orange Encrusting SpongeBrown Encrusting Octopus SpongeFine Lumpy SpongeOrange King SpongeStrawberry Vase SpongeThorny Horny SpongePurple Star-Sponge

Yes! pythons have backbone. Yes! pythons have backbone.

i see a sponge, do you see a sponge?

totally!!they hav a short backbone but a backbone none-the-less

The backbone of DNA and RNA is a sugar-phosphate backbone.

All vertebrates have a backbone. Invertebrates are animals that do not have a backbone.

a animal that has no backbone is octopus's they don't have a backbone cuz its a invertebrates.

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