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No. Tampons are not marketed or approved for prophylactic use. Only approved Birth Control measures are.

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Q: Does a tampon stop sperm entering uterus if inserted before any sperm touches the vagina?
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What does a tampon feel like?

When inserted correctly, you are unable to feel it. Inserted incorrectly and it can be very uncomfortable.

Tampon feels like it is going to come out?

It is inserted improperly.

What does tampon in situ mean?

In situ basically means when something is in position, thus a tampon in situ would mean when the tampon has been inserted into the vagina.

Can you urinate with a tampon inserted in your vaginal?

Urine does not flow through the vagina. The presence of a tampon should not interfere with urination.

Can you get a tampon?

No, a tampon cannot get you pregnant, not does it offer any protection against getting pregnant if you have sex while one is inserted.

You know where a tampon goes but you can still see it what do you need to do?

If you can still see the tampon once it's inserted then you've not inserted it far enougj. Remove the tampon and try again later, this time insert higher - it's best to use non-applicator tampon so you have better control over insertion.

Can a tampon get you pregnant?

No, a tampon cannot get you pregnant, not does it offer any protection against getting pregnant if you have sex while one is inserted.

How do you know if you have a tampon in?

You know that you have a tampon in because you physically inserted that tampon! If you think that you've forgotten about a tampon being inserted then you insert your fingers vaginally to check if there is still a tampon there. If you've left a tampon for too long then use pads for the rest of your cycles and watch for symptoms of vaginal infections like bad-smelling excessive discharge.

When i use a tampon my flow just passes it. how far is a tampon supposed to be inserted?

Tampons should be inserted as far as you can reach, you shouldn't feel them once inserted correctly. If the flow is going past the tampon it may be the shape of your vagina or the cervix may sit lower than the tampon - the tampon may go to the side of the cervix, rather than under it to catch flow. Try different types of tampons like soft tampons, or use options like menstrual cups, softcups, or pads instead.

Will you pass a breathalyzer if an alcohol soaked tampon is inserted into your butt?

No, having a tampon inserted anally won't magically stop the breathalyzer from working.A tampon soaked with alcohol has no place in your anus, in fact tampons shouldn't go in your anus full-stop. Obviously putting a tampon up there is a waste of a tampon and a waste of the alcohol.

Will a tampon make your uti hurt worse?

Not usually, unless you inserted it incorrectly.

Why does it hurt when you poop with a tampon in?

the tampon maybe improperly inserted or there maybe other elements such as a tumour or hernia if the pain persists consult a physician

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