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Does a tree make its own food?

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A tree draws its nourishment from the soil its planted in.

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How can a tree make its own food?

A tree makes its own food by photosynthesis.

How does a tree make its own food?


What makes a tree a producer?

because they make there own food

Is a tree an Autotroph?

YesAutotrophs make their own food from Photosynthesis.

Do trees produce their own food?

Yes, trees make their own food and are known as being autotrophic organisms. These organisms make their own food. The leaves of the tree have chlorophyll, which uses the sun's energy to create energy. This is photosynthesis.

Why do trees grow leaves?

so the leaves can get sunlight for the tree and make its own food

What is an producer?

In a biome, a producer is any plant that can make its own food such as a tree or flower

What is the most fundamental difference between a lion and a cedar tree?

The tree can make its own "food" from sunlight and the lion cannot.

What parts of a tree make food?

the leaves make the food for the tree by photosynthesis

Do herbivores make their own food?

no they do not make their own food autotrouphs make their own food

Where does a tree get its food from?

A tree gets its food from sunlight, much like plants. It creates it own food.

Is an acacia tree a producer?

Yes, an acacia tree is producer. This is because plants and trees make their own food through the process of photosynthesis.

Can a fern make its own food?

Yes. They get their food by a process called photosynthesis. But they get some nutrients or energy sometimes,-from their host like a bird-nest fern clinging onto a tree.

How does a pine tree get food?

A pine tree like most plants creates it own food. It absorbs nutrients from the soil and participates in making it own food through by photosynthesis.

Can a snail make its own food?

No, snails do not make their own food.

Does grass make its own food?

No grass does not make it own food .

Can heterotrophs make their own food?

An organism that can make its own food

Do plants not make their own food?

Plants do make their own food.

What is a organism that can make its own food?

Autotrophs can make their own food.

How do bacteria make their own food?

They make their own food because they have chloroplast which is where photosynthesis takes place so this is how they make their own food.

What eats from a tree?

A tree eats the food that it produces . The tree produces it's own food so it can eat and grow . Other organisms depend on the food it produces .

Which kingdom does not make their own food?

The animal kingdom does not make it own food. There is really no animals that make food

Can animals make their own food?

animals can't make their own food

How do plants make its own food?

plants make there own food by photosynthesis.

Can flatworms make their own food?

flatworms cannot make their own food.