Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections)

Does a urinary tract infection damage sperm or lessen your chances of conceiving a baby?


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I wouldn't think so, but I've always been told not to have sex while being treated for a UTI because you want to keep the are as clean as possible. But I can't imagine it would harm the sperm or limit your chances of conceiving.

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Gonorrhea is an infection in the urinary tract caused by touching someone else that already has it with your sex organs. It can damage your urinary tract if not treated with an antibiotic.

If the infection gets really bad before it clears, you may get some kidney damage.

First, the infection itself shouldn't interfere with conception unless you're in such poor health with it that you can't have sexual intercourse! If you already have a urinary infection and are taking antibiotics, there's a theoretical possiblility of interference, but I wouldn't count on it. In general, the answer is "NO". Be aware, however, of the distinction between VENEREAL DISEASE and UTI or URINARY TRACT INFECTION. Some venereal infections can damage reproductive organs if untreated, leading to reproductive difficulties.

Acidic urine, possible urinary tract infection. go to the vet, can do some damage if let go.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs anywhere in the urinary tract between the urethra (the outlet "pipe") and either or both of the kidneys. If it's confined to the urethra it's called urethritis. If it's in the bladder it's cystitis. If it travels up the ureter to the kidney it can develop into pyelonephritis, which is inflammation of the upper urinary tract. Acute pyelonephritis usually results from bladder infection (cystitis). It is usually treated with antibiotics and painkillers. Untreated and repeated UTIs may result in chronic pyelonephritis, which can eventually cause permanent kidney damage. A bad urinary tract infection left for over a year would undoubtedly cause some damage, if not to the kidneys then to the bladder. At the very least you would need to keep the urinary tract flushed out with copious amounts of non-caffeinated liquid.

If you are bleeding after having a urinary tract infection and your period is no where by near due, go to the doctor ASAP! Your infection may not have been treated properly and be causing you extreme damage .

UTIs are common during pregnancy, and treatments are available. Untreated UTI can stimulate preterm labor. Otherwise, no worries.

Red blood cells could be found in urine if there is damage to kidney or urinary tract itself. It could also indicate infection present.

Because there is an increased risk of infection, damage to the skin, and bleeding.Because with an open fracture the bone is not protected from the atmosphere and infections can set in quite quickily and possibly result in amputation of the infected limb.Because there is an increased rish of infection, damage to the skin, and bleedingOpen fractures are serious condition as the bones have been exposed with more chances of infection. It can be associated with damage to the muscles and skin loss and may require surgery. A complicated process which may take several months to healBecause there is an increased risk of infection, damage to the skin, and bleeding

"When you are peeing blood it means you are having your period" ---- or maybe NOT. It can mean you have HEMATURIA, blood in the urine, indicating either an infection or an injury somewhere in your urinary tract. It can indicate incipient kidney damage. Get to your doctor right away!

It can if certain disk pinch the right nerves. However, if your suffering from incontinence, you need to see a doctor and they can find out what is causing it. It may be as simple as a urinary infection, or as bad as nerve damage.

In males, it seems possible since the sperm cells pass through the urinary tract. As they are cells can be infected by bacterial or other micro-pathogens to become sterile and ineffective in fertility of the ovum. A more likely cause for infertility would be organ damage, and the testes are quite a ways from the areas that tend to get infected. In females the urinary tract is distinctly separate and in no way can effect fertility unless bacterial infection enters the female reproductive tract to infect the ovum or cause internal damage. It won't affect fertility in females as the urinary tract has nothing to do with the genital tract.

Yes and it causes brain damage. If you are doing it STOp.

The inflammatory response is a non specific defense reaction caused by tissue damage or infection.

It depends on how long you had the disease and what damage it may have done to you. If it was treated promptly there should be no problems conceiving another child.

the acute bacterial infection whose toxins can damage the heart muscle and peripheral nerves is what

No damage will be done from 2 weeks of chlamydia infection.

Urinary tract schistosomiasis is characterized by blood in the urine, pain or difficulty urinating, and frequent urination.The loss of blood can lead to iron deficiency anemia. A large percentage of persons.experience urinary tract damage.

Leprosy is most common treatable infection, which causes sensory nerve damage.

Yes. Urine is slightly irritating and if you have an infection, it will further damage the tissue. You call this feeling a burning sensation.

It could, but that depends on how much the infection has spread and how much damage it's done.

You go to a doctor and get antibiotics prescribed for you. A kidney infection is no joke. It can cause permanent damage to your kidneys.

salt can damage your brain and your chances of having kids in the future

Syphilis is curable, but any damage from the infection can not be reversed.

You could get a parasitic infection.

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