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  • Some want to be paid up front, but most ask for a good hefty deposit and are paid after the event. It is usually up to the Best Man to be sure the Minister, Bartender, etc., are paid off and that includes the wedding planner. Deposits are put on something "in good faith." This also covers any costs you may incur.
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Q: Does a wedding planner get paid before the event or afterwards?
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What are jobs similar to a wedding planner?

a fashion designer an event planner a florist a catering a lawyer

IS there a wedding planner or event in mauritius?

Muse Events Ltd

Do you need master's degree for wedding planner?

A high school diploma is enough to be a wedding planner. Obtaining a degree in business management, or event planning and management will help any wedding planner career.

Where to?

A wedding Planner to plan the Where to event... (yes they plan those too!!)

What kind of event planner certification do I need to become a wedding planner?

The Sheffield School offers a course in wedding and even planning. You can check them out at they are among the best with offering degrees in this department.

How much money do wedding planners make on average?

A wedding planner averages a gross income of $2000 to $3500 per event.

Wedding Website?

A wedding planner plans your wedding in A best way as you expect your wedding day must be๐Ÿ‘‘. It covers decorations, catering, invitation card, full arrangements for the functions etc. Hiring a wedding planner will help you to decrease the workload and you can enjoy the function. Book your wedding planner now with bookeventz website.

Why pay a deposit for a wedding planner contract?

Because, a wedding planner will have invest into that wedding. Every wedding is different and unique. I have to travel to see and make arangements with my vendors., often what I am looking for is 6 hours drive time away. Also it is a security deposit, if I invested 3 months into an event, and couple decides to postpone the wedding 2 weeks before the event, my vendors will ask for reimbursment. If I am ordering flowers from Holland for example, I am in big big trouble.

Is the wedding planner invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner?

With your wedding planner being such an important part of the event, and more than likely, at the rehearsal, yes, it is appropriate to invite your planner. Because circumstance differ, there are exceptions. Many times the planner will be busy finalizing details and will declline. Depending on the formality of the dinner, she/he may just stop by and make an appearance for a few minutes.

Event Planner Software?

Event Planner Software is used by an event planner in order to organize and implement the details of an event, such as venue information and the budget for the event.

How To become an wedding planner and have no experience to start their own business?

As a wedding planner, you must, must have good connections to wedding performers - singers, emcees, bands, etc. I found a great website that allows event planners and wedding planners to browse and hire performers for a wedding. Here's the site:

Where could one apply for a wedding planner job?

A suggestion for one wanting to apply for a wedding planner job would be to check their local newspaper or online classifieds under 'Event Planner'. One could also check out the online website Penn Foster Career School. They have schooling available, but one can also click on the career section and search for jobs as a wedding planner.

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