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In most states, anyone who drives a car needs to be listed on the insurance. If an accident were to occur then the husband could be liable for allowing the car to be driven without insurance.

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Q: Does a wife need an insurance to drive husband's car?
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Which insurance is primary for the husband when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs and husband is covered by the wifes insurance as well?

The husbands own insurance would be primary, and his wife's would be secondary.

Can a husband who has epilepsy who can't drive be the sole party on the policy yet his wife not on it but she's the only actual daily driver?

It is likely that if the husband is unable to drive, then he can't get insurance and the wife would have to be insured. You need to check with your insurance company.

Can ex-spouse collect deceased husbands insurance if first deceased wife name is still listed as beneficiary?

No, an ex-spouse can't collect a deceased husbands insurance if the first wife is listed as beneficiary even if the fist wife is now deceased. The money will go to the beneficiary's heirs.

I am the second wife my husbands original life insurance policy names his first wife as beneficiary which was never changed can i protest the payout?

You can protest but the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the named beneficiary.

Is a wife responsible for dead husbands medical bills in pa?

Unfortunatly I believe so, that is what life insurance is for.

Can a wifes maternity expenses be covered by the husbands insurance if her insurance does not have coverage?

If you both have coverage the wife's policy will be primary, and the husband's will be secondary - provided the wife is covered under the husband's policy. Submit the unpaid claims to the secondary carrier.

When husband is working and his wife collects SSI can she still be covered under her husbands employee health insurance?

Yes! If she has a state-funded insurance also, the husband's coverage will be secondary.

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Can the ex wife keep money from life ins if she is named beneficiary on exhusbands insurance?

If I m listed on my ex husbands employee life insurance after 10 years can i keep it. Check was issued to me

How can you find out if your X-wife is paying for auto insurance for your son to drive?

ask her

Does my wife need my permission to get life insurance on me?

no she does not

Can you contest the beneficiary on your husbands life insurance?

No, you can get him to change the beneficiary and then the money that is claimed will be yours if it has been changed by your husband to your name.

Can a wife choose her husbands clothes?

Yes, certainly it is acceptable. As a wife you can choose your husbands clothes for him.

Is your husbands health insurance provider legally allowed to deny his wife coverage if she works part time?

It depends on how their plan document is worded and the specific reason given for denial of coverage for the wife. If their plan document states that dependents with access to other coverage cannot be enrolled and the wife has access to insurance through her employer, then they can.

Can you drive a mans car without permission from his spouse?

I would not drive a man's car if his wife said I couldn't no matter what. Legally, the person who is the policyholder on the insurance and the owner of the vehicle has to give you permission to drive. If you drive it on a regular basis, you must be listed as a driver on the insurance policy. If you drive the car without permission, and have an accident, you will not have coverage under the insurance policy.

Is the wife responsible for her husbands medical bills if she carries the primary ins in Arkansas?

Yes, as primary insurance holder she will have to resolve the debts. This is normally through the estate.

My wife doesn't have a drivers license can that stop me from getting auto insurance?

That shouldn't keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wife should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.

Is a wife have monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce?

Yes a wife has monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce.

What do you call a wife who has two husbands?

Polyandry refers to a form of polygamy where a woman takes two or more husbands simultaneously. A wife who has two husbands would be called a polyandrist.

How can second divorced wife collect deceased husbands insurance policy when first deceased wife of husband is still named beneficiary?

In order to ensure that a wife collects her deceased husband's insurance policy, it is beneficial to transfer the beneficiary of the policy while the husband is still alive. If the beneficiary of the policy is also deceased, it would be wise to seek legal help.

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What if wife is not willing to stay with husbands parents and husbands in laws wants them to keep her separate from husbands family?

not sure but speak to wife to see how she feels make her feel good and things might resolve

If I am uninsured and I want to drive my farther insured car can I still drive it legally?

It depends on our father's insurance. My children may drive my car because my insurance covers anyone I give permission to drive my car (they have have a valid license). However, my ex-wife's policy does not allow it - by not having this option she actually lowers her premium. This can vary from state to state and insurance policy to insurance policy. Have your father call his agent and get the correct answer for his policy. He may have to make an adjustment to his policy to allow you to drive his car.

Can you as a wife collect on your husbands SS in the event of his death?

What age does a widow have to be to collect deceased husbands ss

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