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In most states, anyone who drives a car needs to be listed on the insurance. If an accident were to occur then the husband could be liable for allowing the car to be driven without insurance.


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It is likely that if the husband is unable to drive, then he can't get insurance and the wife would have to be insured. You need to check with your insurance company.

No, an ex-spouse can't collect a deceased husbands insurance if the first wife is listed as beneficiary even if the fist wife is now deceased. The money will go to the beneficiary's heirs.

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Yes! If she has a state-funded insurance also, the husband's coverage will be secondary.

No, you can get him to change the beneficiary and then the money that is claimed will be yours if it has been changed by your husband to your name.

Yes a wife has monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce.

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Yes, as primary insurance holder she will have to resolve the debts. This is normally through the estate.

It depends on how their plan document is worded and the specific reason given for denial of coverage for the wife. If their plan document states that dependents with access to other coverage cannot be enrolled and the wife has access to insurance through her employer, then they can.

I would not drive a man's car if his wife said I couldn't no matter what. Legally, the person who is the policyholder on the insurance and the owner of the vehicle has to give you permission to drive. If you drive it on a regular basis, you must be listed as a driver on the insurance policy. If you drive the car without permission, and have an accident, you will not have coverage under the insurance policy.

That shouldn't keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wife should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.

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If you both have coverage the wife's policy will be primary, and the husband's will be secondary - provided the wife is covered under the husband's policy. Submit the unpaid claims to the secondary carrier.

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