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absolutely not. when someone has an alcohol addiction, it affects their friends, their family, and even their coworkers (if they are employed). Alcohol addiction is destructive and if it happens to you or someone you love, it can tear people apart. Alcoholism has torn many families apart and will tear many more apart. so, the answer is no. alcoholism affects everyone.

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It usually has a negative effect on other family members.

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Q: Does alcoholism affect family members
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How does Alcoholism affect family members?

Terribly. Contact "Alanon" for relief from these horriffic affects.

How alcoholism affect family?


Is alcoholism really such a bad thing?

Yes, alcoholism is really a bad thing because it destroys your immune system. also it affect relationship with your family members & with your good friends. So, If you want to be happy then avoid alcoholism. & tell people, friends around you to stop it.

Alcohol or drug addiction affects the entire family?

Alcoholism and drug addiction can, and usually does, affect the entire family. When someone is suffering from addiction, they basically become a different person and are unable to care about their family members, and themselves, in the way that they should. Sometimes family members try to help, but are discouraged when they can't change the mind of the addict. Family members need to get help just as much as the addict does. The family members can get help before the addict decides to get help. No matter what the situation is, someone's alcoholism and drug addiction affects everyone around the addict. Hopefully this helped a little bit.

Does the family values affect the family members?

Yes it does.

How does alcoholism affect offspring?

Alcoholism can have a number of negative effects among offspring. They include a disruptive family life, violence, lower income, broken home, etc.

How do social evils affect a family and a community?

how do social evils affect the family and community

How does immigration affect their family relations with their family members from their native country?

It dosent

What effects does alcoholism have on family members?

It can have a wide range of negative effects including, emotional, relational, economic, and health. well that is the answer so bye peoples

What has the author Charlotte A Schoenborn written?

Charlotte A Schoenborn has written: 'Exposure to alcoholism in the family' -- subject(s): Statistics, Family relationships, Alcoholics, Alcoholism

What are the causes and effects of alcoholism?

There is great disagreement as to the causes if alcoholism but not as to the effects of alcoholism. It can cause numerous health, legal, economic, personal and family problems.

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