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No, the alternator is the charging device which runs off a belted pulley attached to the motor. The alternator charges the battery which is the source of the current required to get the engine turning over and in turn starting the engine.

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Q: Does alternator need to charge after replacing it?
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Why would a vehicle have low revs?

elecronics need fixing or alternator need replacing elecronics need fixing or alternator need replacing

Why will the battery not charge in your 1986 grand marquis with a new alternator?

Battery may have a dead cell and need replacing.

The pulley on your 2005 altima alternator is slipping can pulley be fixed or does alternator need replacing?

you need to replace the alternator

How do you know you need a new alternator for a 2005?

alternator charging too high need replacing per dealer

When replacing an alternator on a 1985 Volvo 240 how many amps does the alternator need to be?

at least 50 A

What do you need to do when replacing a alternator with a high output alternator?

Noting, just install it and hook it up.

What do you do after replacing alternator on a 1982 Plymouth reliant with new one but still won't charge?

i have changed the alternator and voltage regulator and it still wont charge ; 84 Plymouth reliant

Why will 1999 Volkswagen Beetle not start after replacing battery?

You need to replaced the starter or the alternator.

Can you eliminate alternator from car?

you need the alternator to charge the battery with no alternator when the battery drops to about 10 volts car will not run at all.

I have a 1995 f 150 alternator is good but the battery will not charge what do i need to do?

Charge and load test battery- it may be not able to take a charge and need to be replaced You may a have blown fuseable link preventing alternator from charging battery

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1984 Nissan Sentra?

It is part of the alternator. If you are having problems keeping a charge or problem with high voltage, you might want to consider replacing your entire alternator.

How do you get the alternator to charge after changing it?

The alternator doees not need any special treatment for it to begine charging as long as you hace it connected to the electrical system proprerly and a belt connected and set right the alternator will charge

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