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at least 50 A

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Q: When replacing an alternator on a 1985 Volvo 240 how many amps does the alternator need to be?
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How many alternator amps 94 corolla 1.8?

hi in 94 corolla 80 amps alternator

How many amps is a ford windstar alternator?

it is either 110 amps or 135 amps

How many amps of current flow through alternator brushes?

On a car alternator, usually 10 amps or less.

What size alternator amps is in a 98 sunfire gt?

105 amps

How do you tell what alternator you have whether it is 100 amps or 1900 amps?

Well, if the alternator is on any type of vehicle that has been made within the last 100 years, it will be the 100 amp alternator. There is no such thing as a 1900 amp alternator for a car. The highest I have seen is about 150 amps, and that is a heavy-duty truck alternator.

What should be amps for an alternator for 2001 Chevy Surburban?

The standard alternator amperage on all 2001 Suburbans is 130 amps. The base, stripped-down Suburban with little or no options had and alternator output of 105 amps, but there were not many of those.

How many amps is the stock alternator on a 2001 Chevy cavalier?

105 Amps

How many amps for the denso TN 121000-4400?

That alternator produces 136 amps.

How much amps does a 1994 Accord DX sedan alternator have?

tag on alternator, but probably 35 amps >>CORRECTION>> adding "alternator" to the question is correct, however the amperage rating for an alternator in a 94 Accord DX is 80 amps. Unless of course this DX model has a VTEC engine (very unlikely) then it will have a 90 amp alternator installed.

How many amps is the standard alternator on a 2004 f350 diesel?

motorcraft . com shows : 110 amps with single alternator --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 120 amp - lower alternator - heavy duty 140 amp - upper alternator - heavy duty

Will a 70 amp alternator work in a 1989 Volvo 240 which normally has an 80 amp?

it is not a good idea. the alternator is selected to meet the needs of the electrical system. Check to see what the maxium amp load is. It may cause a fault light to show up. the computers are set up for specific amps. Check to see if similar Volvo models of the year use a 70 amp alternator. hope it helps. duboff Rolfo says: I have done this with acceptable results, although I will agree that it is not recommended. If you must use a different amperage go for more amps, not less.

Why would the fans and radio no longer work after replacing the alternator if the fuses are still good?

Your radio and fan may have shoted out or the wrong amps are being used. If there isn't enough amps to run everything. The battery might not have enough juice, or there are wires touching somewhere.

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