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it is not a good idea. the alternator is selected to meet the needs of the electrical system. Check to see what the maxium amp load is. It may cause a fault light to show up. the computers are set up for specific amps. Check to see if similar Volvo models of the year use a 70 amp alternator. hope it helps. duboff

Rolfo says: I have done this with acceptable results, although I will agree that it is not recommended. If you must use a different amperage go for more amps, not less.

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Q: Will a 70 amp alternator work in a 1989 Volvo 240 which normally has an 80 amp?
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Will alternator still work if the gauge is not?

An alternator does not need a gauge to work. It is used to monitor the output of the alternator.

Will an alternator work if its bad?

No, if it is bad of course it will not work.

Does an alternator work similar to an ac generator?

Alternator and ac generator is equal

Can an automobile battery be recharged just by driving it a long distance?

Yes, if the alternator is functioning and you are not loading the charging circuit (using as much charge as the alternator is putting out so the battery receives nothing). Please note that "Idling" to charge the alternator normally does not work as the alternator is not turning fast enough to charge the battery, it only maintains the status quo for energy usage.

If a car has a voltage regulator in the alternator does it still work if the cars off?

No, the regulator in the alternator only regulates when the alternator is charging (alternator must be rotating).

What does the alternator do for your vehicle?

the work of an alternator is to charge up the battery while the vehicle is in motion

What kind of oil is safe to add to a Volvo 1989 station wagon 740 GL automatic has over 150k miles?

Volvo recommends using a synthetic oils that is 30/5. They have 30/5 oils for vehicles over 150k miles that work just fine.

What happens when an alternator does not work?

If the alternator has no output then the vehicle's electrical requirements must be supplied by the battery, until dead. In addition, if the alternator quits, the alternator light, located in the instrument cluster, will illuminate

Where is the horn on a Volvo 760 located?

well I have 1990 Volvo 760 and its horn is in the regular place, in the middle of the steering wheel. But my horn doesn't normally work when I am driving because my key lock is so worn, maybe your car has the same problem. I have to turn my key towards the off direction by about 5 mm before my horn and radio will work.

Will a Nissan engine work in a 1989 Buick park avenue?

no,but a buick park ave 92- 94 or 95 ,has the same trans as a front -wheel drive VOLVO X C -90

How it work normally?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. How does what work normally? Please restate the question.

What would cause the alternator light to come on and off. On a1989 Buick Park Avenue.?

Something can be taxing the work of the alternator, or the alternator can be weak and needs replaced.

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