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An alternator does not need a gauge to work. It is used to monitor the output of the alternator.

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Q: Will alternator still work if the gauge is not?
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98 ranger replaced alternator and battery but still shows battery light and no charge on gauge?

sounds like your gauge is broken or there is a short in wiring

If a car has a voltage regulator in the alternator does it still work if the cars off?

No, the regulator in the alternator only regulates when the alternator is charging (alternator must be rotating).

Can you use the original gauges on a 1950 GMC truck when you convert to 12V how do you go about it?

Yes and no you have to rebuild the gauges so they read 12 volt The volt meter wont work with an alternator it was designed for a generator The fuel gauge is different ohms if you stay with the 6 cylinder engine the oil and temp gauge will work but if not the temp gauge has to have a longer tube installed and the oil gauge has to have different fittings installed. on the upside though your speedometer should still work.

91 cutlass supreme alternator gauge not reading charge?

If your battery was dead and you jumped it to get it started and the gauge shows your not charging you need to replace the alternator.

If temp sensor on 99 jeep goes bad will the gauge still work?

It is common for there to be three temperature sensors, one for air, one for the EFI computer and one for the gauge, so yes the sensor can fail and the gauge will still work because it is a different sensor.

What gauge is the black wire with red strip ground from the alternator?

That particular wire is usually 10 gauge.

Why doesn't my RPM gauge and temp gauge work?

why doesn't my rpm gauge and temp gauge, fuel gauge not work

Why does the alternator gauge peg out at the top intermittently?

Can be a defective voltage regulator.

How do you wire a mooneyes ammeter gauge?

in a series battery, alternator, ignition

Will a gas light work if the gas gauge doesn't work?

on some vehicles the gas light will still work if the gauge does not. on some vehicles such as an 1985 Toyota cressida have a separate sensor allowing the low fuel light to illuminate.

Is your battery weak if your voltage gauge moves down?

Weak battery, or weak alternator.

Do 12 gauge shells work in 16 gauge?


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