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Q: Does an American soldier who has custody of his child have to have the permission of the other parent to move back to the States when discharged?
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What is the nickname for a discharged British soldier?


When can a soldier leave the Army?

When his enlistment term is up, or when he is discharged.

Can a honorable discharged soldier wear a uniform in public?

yes they can

Where or how from the Toby Keith Shock 'n Y'all Album do you get copyright permission for the song American Soldier?

American Soldier has two rightsholders, Tokeco Tunes and Wacissa River Music. Both must be contacted in writing.

How old did you have to be to become a soldier in world war 2?

You had to be at least 18 to sign up. You could enlist at 17 with parental permission. There were a few who were able to 'sneak' in under that age, but they were discharged once discovered.

Can an active duty military soldier get joint custody of a minor?

An active duty military soldier can get joint custody of a minor child. There is not a lot of case law regarding custody and the military, but in cases without extenuating circumstances, joint custody can be given.

Who mainly wrote the song American soldier?

An american soldier!

Can a soldier be discharged for no reason?

No. A service member can be discharged at the end of their enlistment, for medical reasons, compassionate reasons, misconduct, criminal acts, or being unsuited for service.

What is the duration of I Am an American Soldier?

The duration of I Am an American Soldier is 1.68 hours.

What is the duration of An American Soldier?

The duration of An American Soldier is 1.43 hours.

What is an African American soldier on the Texas frontier called?

An African American soldier on the frontier is called a Buffalo Soldier.

What was a Yankee soldier?

A Yankee soldier was a union soldier during the American civil war and later a general name given to any American soldier.

Can an ex US navy soldier with a general discharge obtain a us passport?

Can an ex Us Navy soldier with a general discharged obtain a us passport ?

Can a soldier be discharged for failing a PT test after the Unit finds out that soldier was injured in the line of duty?

No because first he failed the PT while he was hurt so no

If an illegal alien and a US citizen are not married and have a baby born in the US would both have custody rights?

well If the Soldier was the father, the alien would technically have the rights, But if the soldier was female, she would have the right of custody. But if this did happen, im sure that Area 51 would have complete custody. lol

Was Paul Revere an American soldier?

yes Paul Revere was an American soldier go Paul

When was the song American soldier by Toby Keith recorded?

The song American Soldier was recorded in 2003.

What defines the Leave of absence especially to a soldier?

Written permission from lawful authority.

Can a ex us navy soldier with a general discharged get a us passport for traveling?

no reason why he shouldn't be able to,i think

How does a soldier ask for permission to leave a room rank etc.?

Future blank blank ( name) requesting permission to set ashore sir, if it was in the navy

Why did that USA soldier throw a puppy off the cliff?

The man who threw the puppy off the cliff was a Marine, not a soldier. He was dishonorably discharged and punished. The reason he did it is because he was just not a very good person.

What was the typical American soldier in the World war 1?

The typical American soldier in World War One was strong, brave, and

What are the release dates for An American Soldier - 1908?

An American Soldier - 1908 was released on: USA: 6 June 1908

Who is an African American soldier?

Famous african American military

Which amendment says that no soldier shall be quartered in a house without permission of the residents?

The third amendment