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Does an Asus p5ad2e premium mother board have onboard sound and graphics?


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It comes with onboard audio but not video. Below are the Specifications of the ASUS P5AD2-E Premium CPU Supports Intel Pentium 4 5xx Series Socket T Prescott (533/800FSB) Supports Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Socket T Gallatin (800/1066FSB) Supports Intel Celeron D 3xx Series Socket T Prescott (533FSB) Chipset Intel i925XE with HT i925XE Northbridge i82801FB Southbridge DMI @ 2GB/s System Memory 4 DR SDRAM 186pin DIMM Sockets Supports DDR-266/333/400Mhz 64/128Bit Dual Channel Supports up to 4GB Total Memory (4x 1GB) Bus Frequency 133/200/266MHz Internal 533/800/1066MHz External Netburst Micro Architecture Expansion Slots 1 PCI Express x16 2 PCI Express x1 4 PCI Connectivity 3 Parallel ATA port supporting 6 IDE Drives total 8 Serial ATA ports Totals 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports 1 Wireless G Ethernet Expansion Ports 1 PS2 Keyboard Port 1 PS2 Mouse Port 8 USB 2.0 Ports (4 rear accessible, 4 via expansion bracket) 1 Parallel Port 6 Stereo Audio Ports 2 SPDIF Optical Ports Hope this helps.


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No matter what motherboard you have, it does not have onboard graphics. Only certain processors have built-in graphics.

Most motherboards with onboard graphics have a slot for an upgrade card. The answer for yours will depend on the specific model, but it is very likely that you can.

It has onboard graphics ATI Radeon Xpress 200M.

Most motherboards will allow you to use both the onboard graphics as well as an add-in card at the same time. Even if they do not, an add-in card simply disables the onboard one.

Graphics Controller onboard or AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) Card.

You need to check out BIOS settings. It must be there, somewhere it onboard devices.

An integrated video card is located on the motherboard itself and cannot be replaced. You can add a graphics card to one of the motherboard's slots though. It will then take over and the onboard graphics will not be used. To avoid any conflicts, you should disable the onboard graphics when adding a dedicated graphics card.

Graphics cards are very cheap these days, even a $50 card would be much better than using the onboard graphics.

Unless you are using onboard (Motherboard) graphics they are totally different

An onboard LAN is a built-in ethernet adapter on mother board, if you have an onboard LAN, then, there is no need to install another ethernet card for your purpose.

If you have an external graphics card, it will be located in the agp slot on your motherboard. If you open the case on your computer, you should be able to see it. The agp slot is often at the top of and of a different colour to the PCI slots. Cards which are mounted on the motherboard are called onboard graphics cards and are a different matter. Consult your motherboard manual for layout and for where the onboard graphics card should be.

If you mean you want to use a graphic card and not your onboard graphics , then yes. But you don't touch the chip, when you install a card into the slot, and remove your onboard graphic drivers, then install your card drivers, then you will be using the card. Most cards will tell you how to install the card and when to uninstall drivers and when to install them. Almost all motherboards have a slot that can run a graphics card. Just make sure its better than your onboard or you will be wasting your time.

I am assuming that you are referring to The Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSR. This Motherboard has onboard intergrated graphics, but does not have an AGP slot available, However there are 3 PCI slots available. So the answer to your question is that without an AGP slot you are restricted to PCI or ONBoard Graphics with this motherboard.

no graphics cards have there own built in video ram The above answer is only partially correct. If a computer had onboard graphics, where there is no dedicated graphics card, then the graphics chip is on the motherboard itself. In this case, it will use the system RAM for memory. This can reduce the total amount available to the system. So if you have onboard graphics (no dedicated graphics card), then a dedicated GPU(graphics processing unit) could in fact increase available RAM. However, the difference is not likely to be large. RAM is cheap. Your best option is to buy more RAM for your system.

You will probably need a dedicated graphics card to play any newer games.

If you have an onboard graphics card it wont have you find it on normal graphics card that are not on the motherboard..any graphics card can support vertex shader so buy one

IF YOUR COMPUTER IS HAVING A MOTHERBOARD WITH ONBOARD GRAPHICS THEN YOU CAN SIMPLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF V MEMORY USUALLY 128,256,512.IF YOU HAVE A GRAPHICS CARD THEN onboard graphics shouldn't be turned on as it may cause conflicts.If you want more memory on a video card you will have to upgrade to a new card with more memory..sorry there's no other option for this.

The Dell XPS m140 features the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900. The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator is a modest onboard graphics chip suitable for everyday tasks.

The competitors for the Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset are Nvidia and ATi Integrated onboard graphics chips and the Intel HD 4000 and X4500. Desktop cards do not compete with integrated.

The Hp6140f has an onboard gma 3100(graphics media accelerator). Uses the g33/g31 driver updates as recognized by the device manager. The gma onboard is okay for regular use, but for any other advanced graphic purposes an add in graphics card is highly recommended.

They are the one who sends data to the processor... The north bridge also the who controls video card,expansion cards or graphics cards and south bridge controls the drives and onboard devices.

Your computer can process graphics operations much faster and that does tend to help a lot if you are doing anything from HD video editing to hardcore gaming. However if you do not need the extra graphics power then the onboard graphics work well for office and web browsing tasks.

the HP a6500f has an onboard NVidia 7100 128mb...(bla, could be better)

Processor Graphics card Sound Card (sometimes not needed) Motherboard (Usually has onboard graphics card and sound card) Hard Drive Ram Power Supply Case

Radeon HD 6530d is the better one of the two. it is always better to have a independent video card then the onboard video chipset, because the onboard chipset uses the ram from the motherboard and a independent video card has its own ram to use and never uses the systems ram. so all in all, your computer will run games better with a independent video card then a onboard chipset.

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