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Does an Echo with manual transmission need a transmission fluid change?


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2015-07-15 20:42:22
2015-07-15 20:42:22

The maintenance manual that came with the car tells how often (probably every 60-100K).

The capacity of the manual transaxle is: 1.9 liters (2.0 US qts, 1.7 Imp. qts) using API oil grade GL-4 or GL-5, SAE 75W-90 differential oil (the stuff has an awful smell to it). If you don't know how much oil you've got in the transmission, you want to make sure that the level is about 0 - 5 mm (0 - 0.02 in.) from the edge of the filler plug (almost visually full). I wouldn't change the oil as frequently as the author above mentioned, but that's a personal preference thing I suppose.


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One of the nice features of the Echo is that it has a transmission fluid filter. This means you may never need to change the transmission fluid (it is not listed at all in the owner's manual scheduled maintenance). If you feel that it really does need it because you have not driven under normal conditions, you can find details on how to do it, here:

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For a automatic transmission check out this link: For a manual transmission check out this link: - the link above has pics of the different bolts to loosten.

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Transmission fluid will last roughly 70,000-80,000 miles so anywhere in there.

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For automatics, there is no manufacturer defined change interval. If you drive in dirty conditions a lot, you might want to change it every 80k miles. Under normal conditions you may not want to ever change it. There are echo's on the road with 400,000 miles that have never had a transmission fluid change.

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