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Q: Does an air conditioner condensing unit with a two-speed fan require a two-stage thermostat?
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How does the 2-stage high efficiency home central air conditioner operate?

The way the unit operates depends on the type of thermostat installed. Normally, they use a two stage thermostat. In this case, when the thermostat senses a need for cooling the condensing unit starts in low speed. If the temperature at the thermostat does not drop fast enough, the condensing unit is switched to high speed. The timing of the changing of speeds varies with the thermostat and unit.

Which air conditioner comes with a thermostat?

the Sunpentown WA-6591S Window Air Conditioner with remote has thermostat.

What is meant by split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner is a unit where the condensing unit is outside and the evaporator is inside.

Does an air conditioner use a thermostat?


Signs of bad air conditioner thermostat?

The air conditioner or heater continually runs.

If your air conditioner is set to cool why is it heating?

If your air conditioner is set to cool and it is heating you have a broken thermostat.

Outside air conditioner fan freezes up?

Bad condensing fan capacitor or bad bearings on fan motor.

What makes white air blow out of air vents when turn on air conditioner in a vehicle?

Moisture in the air condensing into mist.

Why does the inside temperature on your thermostat keep going up and the air conditioner will not shut off?

Recharge the coolant or replace faulty thermostat.

What can you do to make cold air come out air conditioner?

Drop the temp on the thermostat.

Examples of closed loop systems?

Newspaper, Thermostat, Fridge, Air conditioner

Why would an air conditioner continue to run when the thermostat is completely off?

It could be you have a stuck fan relay, a contactor that is sticking, or your thermostat is bad.

Is the air on if you turn the fan on on a central air conditioner?

No. If your referring to the fan on switch on the thermostat. The answer is no only the indoor fan runs if the thermostat is properly wired.

Your central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents?

If central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents, check the filter. If it is dirty, change it. Change the thermostat into cool, this will defrost the air conditioner.

Why would a 1989 Dodge Caravan get hot if idling with the air conditioner on?

Thermostat? or radiator? Greg

If you consider home an air conditioner in terms of homostasis then the wall thermostat would be?

Control Center

If you consider your home air conditioner in terms of homeostasis then the wall thermostat would be the?

Control center

Were does a thermostat gets its power from on a central air conditioner?

The furnace or air handling unit in the house.

Does your air conditioning work in the winter months?

An air conditioner works any time the thermostat is set lower than the ambient temperature and the air conditioner is turned on.

An air conditioner should have an exterior disconnect located where?

The definative answer to this question should be located in the NEC, but I would say within sight and reach of the condensing unit.

Why does your air conditioner turn on but not cool?

thermostat setting /very low gas pressure or compressor not working.

Why doesn't my heat and air conditioner work on my 1989 Cadillac Eldo even after a new compressor was installed?

If your heat and air conditioner doesn't work on your 1989 Cadillac Eldo and you have install a new compressor, check the thermostat. The thermostat may be stuck close or has gone bad.

When inspecting an air conditioner in many areas an exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of the?

condensing unit, elecric panel, electrical service enterance, grounding rod

How can people reduce the amount of electricity used by an air conditioner?

The best way to reduce the amount of electricity used by an air conditioner is to raise the set point of the thermostat to a warmer setting.

What temperature should you leave your air conditioner when you go on vacations?

You should leave your air conditioner set on 80 degrees when you go away on vacations. I you have a programmable thermostat for your air conditioner set it to lower the temperature to 70 right before you get home.