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Does an an asteroid have a larger acceleration when it is nearest to the sun or the earth?


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The Sun has a much larger gravitational pull , an asteroid would be pulled faster toward the sun, if it were in the same proximity.

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Yes. Earth is much larger tha even the largest asteroid.

There are no asteroids that are known to be on a collision course with Earth.

Yes it can and has in the past, wiping out all the larger life forms on earth.

Millions if not billions of years ago asteroids helped create the planets that are in our solar system today. The Earth probably could handle larger moons however our moon was a single large asteroid that struck the Earth. The Earth then took the asteroid as its satellite.

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

What asteroid? There were several.

The earth is inside the asteroid belt.

No, if the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid we would not be living today.

20 times larger than the asteroid belt, but only 1/30th the mass of the Earth..

The chances of an asteroid from the asteroid belt hitting Earth are very close to zero. The chances of a so-called "near Earth asteroid" hitting Earth are much higher... in fact, they hit Earth all the time, and are seen as meteors ("shooting stars").

No. Occasionally an asteroid is knocked out of the asteroid belt and some of those asteroids eventually hit Earth, but the asteroid belt as a whole will not hit us.

It is outside of the asteroid belt. That is to say it's not within the belt. However, sometimes we say the Earth is located "inside" the asteroid belt. By this we mean Earth is between the Sun and the asteroid belt.

Apophis is an 885 foot diameter asteroid that will pass by Earth on April 13, 2036. The odds of it hitting the Earth are calculated to be 1 in 48,000. Keep in mind that the asteroid that crashed into Chicxulub, Mexico wiping out the dinosaurs was 6 miles wide,nearly 36 times larger.

An asteroid will hit the Earth, it is only a question of when. Astronomers are always tracking near earth asteroids, but we currently have no way to prevent an asteroid impact.

Probably not. I haven't seen any news about an asteroid about to strike Earth.

The moon spins faster each day due to physics and the laws of gravity.

Theory suggests that it is a remnant of a large asteroid that struck the Earth

It is inevitable that an asteroid will hit Earth eventually, but there are currently no known asteroids expected to hit Earth in our lifetimes.

It is quite common for small meteors to hit the Earth. Larger impacts by an asteroid or comet are also possible but happen much less often.

Generally an asteroids brightness will change if a) a larger surface area is presented to the Sun or b) it is closer to the Earth

An asteroid could never travel from the Sun to the Earth.

Technically, if it hits the Earth it's not an "asteroid", it's a "meteorite". And yes, meteorites hit the Earth all the time.

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