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Yes. They require public liability insurance and malpractice insurance.

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Q: Does an engineer need errors and omissions insurance to work?
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What kinds of companies have to purchase errors and omissions insurance?

Companies that offer services to customers need to purchase errors and omissions insurance in case the customer sues the company for errors in business activities.

Where can I apply for errors and omissions insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance protects you from being sued for negligent behavior. You will need to contact a corporate insurance company, the hospital you work for should know more about who you should go with.

What type of company would need errors and omissions insurance?

Any medical offices would need errors and omissions insurance in order to avoid to get sued for malpractice. Medical insurance also have a malpractice insurance to further protect themselves from any additional damages.

How i you get a bond for insurance agency?

After you are licensed, you will need to get appointed with an insurance company and or wholesaler/general agent. Either of these entities will require you to have a bond and usually errors and omissions insurance.

Do all realtors need errors and omissions insurance?

E&O insurance is a good way to protect agents against lawsuits. However you don't absolutely have to have it.

What does Professional Liability Insurance mean?

Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance) insures businesses with the defense they need if a dissatisfied client makes a claim against it.

Do you need a license to sell indexed annuities?

Yes, you need a license to sell indexed annuities. You also have to carry errors and omissions insurance and maintain a certain number of continuing education credits.

When starting a home watch service business do you need to be bonded or have liability insurance?

AnswerYep, You have to have insurance for everything.To be more specific, you need two types of insurance for a Home Watch business. You need general liability and you need Professional Liability, also called Errors and Omissions Insurance.General Liability protects you while inside the home from pre-existing conditions and general risks such as a toilet that backs up while you are in the house.Professional Liability is in case you miss something that you should have seen as a Home Watch Professional. Roof leaks that are clearly visible but that you missed would be covered by this 'errors and omissions' insurance.The insurance is not easy to find.

Does a California LLC that provides the service of doing paperwork for other companies or individuals need errors and omissions insurance?

If you want to be insured against liability for a mistake on the paperwork it would be advisable. Your Commercial Liability policy would not provide coverage for damages or losses resulting from errors or mistakes in the professional service you provide.

If insurance lost your signed homeowners policy?

need more info? they lost application? getting a reprint of a policy is very easy. if they lost the homeowners policy application that is something else entirely. did you pay any portion of the premium due? I assume you are posting because you had a loss? You may need legal consultation - insurance agents have insurance (called errors and omissions) to cover them in these types of events (assuming they are responsible)

Do you need liability insurance if you operate a company that sells services not products?

Yes--you need to be insured for completed operations. Namely, that your service will not hurt anyone (i.e. contractors, etc.)AnswerYou will need a general liability policy to be covered and you may also want to secure an errors and omissions policy. Any company that provides a service to someone for a fee can be sued for any error or omission they cause. Many of the error and omission claims are not paid out, but in the event you are sued the errors and omissions policy will cover your defense costs which are often times more expensive then the actual claim.

How can Professional Liability Insurance be purchased?

Professional liability insurance comes in several forms, depending upon your profession. For example, if you are a doctor, you would want medical malpractice insurance. A lawyer would need errors and omissions insurance. There is even insurance for IT workers. You can find insurance for any type of service profession, but you may need to seek out more than one company. To save time, it is best to consult an independent insurance agent. The agent can check the rates and policies of several different companies at once, and find the best fit for you.

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