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A boiling pot of water will boil faster if you stir it. I would expect it creates more surface area for heat exchange to occur, resulting evaporation. A pool should act the same.

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Q: Does an idle pool or a pool with a pump running evaporate quicker?
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Why is your 24 ft above ground swimming pool losing water only after you covered it?

Because putting a cover on your pool makes it much more hot in the space between the cover and the water. The water will evaporate much quicker because of the increased temperature.

Can water evaporate from a pool?

Yes, it is normal.

Does water evaporate from a salt pool faster than from a chlorine pool?

No its about the same

Can salt evaporate with pool water?

No. The salt is left behind in the pool , with the salt concentration becoming higher.

Does chlorine evaporate out of water?

no chlorine cannot evaporate because its a chemical Yes, chlorine CAN evaporate. For example, if in a pool, chlorine will evaporate but a lot of factors are involved such as humidity, air flow and temperature.

How does Water evaporate from pool on humid days?

if there's sun there is evaporation

Does water in heated pool evaporate in the winter?

Yes, this water is evaporated.

Does pool water evaporate faster then plain water?

The difference is not significant.

Can i leaving a pool for a week without running the pump?

you can if sou want a pool full of algae,but i suggest that you have a pump running :)

Where is the trapped ping in pingy the ping idle rpg?

In the swimming pool

Do salt pool evaporate at a higher rate than non salt pools?

No Pool water evaporates in one day or one week

Will it strain the pool pump motor while running when the solar pool cover is on?


Does temperature affect chlorine in a swimming pool?

the higher the temp the quicker the chlorine loss

Which fills a pool quicker hose above water or hose below water?

There is no difference.

Where to discharge salt system pool water?

Let it out over a large lined area to evaporate.

How do you get rid of excess water in an above ground pool?

Put it in direct sunlight and let it evaporate

Does water evaporate faster from a pool with solar heating panels?

The warmer the water is the faster it will evaporate. But the difference between a heated and a non heated pool is not great. If you heat with solar or gas or another method makes no difference whatsoever.

How does running in a pool compare to running on the ground?

Running in the pool allows for you to exercise whether you're fit or injured, as the main resistance while doing this is the water itself. Unline running on land, pool running is a non-impact form of exercise as your feet aren't touching the bottom of the pool. Doing pool running helps you recover faster from an injury as you are able to stay in shape, still working on the same muscles as you would on running on land. If you choose to do this form of exercise to supplement your running, it would be best to pick up either a flotation belt or a jogging vest to keep you properly upright and be able to have the same kind of running motion but in a pool. If you don't have that available, you could instead either pool run moving your knees higher, or you could do a longer, sweeping kind of running gait where your leg sweeps slower, lower and further back.

Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

How long to wait after shocking pool?

After shocking a pool, a person should wait at least 24 hours before going into the pool. This allows the chemicals from the shocking treatment to evaporate, therefore, making it safe for your skin.

Do pool pump make a griding noise when running?

there is probably something in the pool that got into the pump

Name a rule that's often posted near a swimming pool?

No pooping in pool, no running around pool, and no diving depending on how deep it is.

Is a water hose with running water a siphon?

If the end of the hose is running in a pool of water, yes

Is it possible for a black winter vinyl pool cover to superheat the air and the pool water and cause the water to evaporate?

The water is going to evaporate at some rate with or without a cover. You need to add water to the pool at least once per week. Evaporation rates without a cover would be close to 1.5" per week in most areas. k

How many gallons of water evaporate in a swimming pool per day?

That is a question loaded with variables. How many gallons in the pool? What is the temperature outside? What is the temperature of the water? Is there a solar blanket on the pool? How about bather load? (# of swimmers per hour)

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