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The sooner you tell your parents the better. It's not like they aren't going to find out anyway. * Yes. It is extremely important for her health and that of her baby for her to have pre-natal care. The young lady might wish to contact one of the following organizations for assistance. Planned Parenthood, 1-800-230-7526, Birthright, 1-800-550-4900, Teenline Online, a website that is staffed by trained teens to help other teens find a solution to their problems. All information is kept confidential by all three organizations.

2006-09-13 22:31:12
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Q: Does an underage pregnant girl have to go to a doctor even if she is scared of her parents finding out?
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What a doctor should do with an underage pregnant girl if she ask for the pill without telling her parents?

The answer varies from state to state and depends on the individual situation.

If you tell the doctor you are not a virgin and you are underage do they tell your parents?

No. An ethical doctor keeps his patient's confidentiality.

Can a doctor contact your parents about your self injuries if you're underage Northern Ireland?

Yes, a doctor can contact your parents if you are self harming yourself in Northern Ireland.

If your girl friend is 15 and you are 17 and she thinks she may be pregnant can she go to the doctor with out her parents finding out?

go to a fee clinic or planned parenthood

Does a doctor have to inform your parents in Wisconsin if you are pregnant?

I live in WI and I was 17 and pregnant. I needed blood work done and the nurse said I needed parental permission because I was underage. It was at that moment my Mom found out I was pregnant. Nine weeks later I had a miscarriage. I was upset and cried but it was for the best. Some doctors may be different but I believe to have blood work done your parents will need to know. Good Luck!

What happens if you are 12 and you get pregnant?

Tell your parents! You shouldn't be afraid to tell your parents they would be worried more then mad.After that tell your family doctor and from then on listen to what the doctor tells you.

How do you tell your parents you have ADHD?

Your parents should already know. The only way to truly know if you have a mental illness is to be diagnosed by a doctor, and if you are underage, your parents will be told. If you have diagnosed yourself, it isn't accurate and you could easily be wrong.

If im 16 and tell a doctor IM pregnant will they tell mY parents?

well if you're 16 and beautiful and you are a few months pregnant then yeah it is a possible chance they could tell your parents. because would you want your parents to find out later youre pregnant or just let the doctor tell them because either way they will find out eventually. so... am i the dad.

You have your period light for 7 days Can you be pregnant?

Yes you can. you can have your period for up to 3 months before finding out you are pregnant. at times your period can be irregular if so go to the doctor

If a doctor has a patient who is 14 and pregnant how to they notify parents?

The best way to handle it for the girl, and the parents, would be to have a talk with her first, and if she chooses not to tell her parents, then it is your responsibility to notify the parents ASAP.

When is the best time to schedule doctor appointment after finding out through positive home pregnancy test of being pregnant?

ASAP! :-) Congratulations!

What does it mean to dream of going to the doctor and finding out that you are pregnant with a baby girl but she has no feet?

Dreams have no real world (awake world) meaning.

What is a OB Doctor?

Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant. Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant.

I am sixteen and pregnant do i have to tell my parents?

You must first tell your doctor and then to your parents and/or with the social services (welfare officer). dont HAVE to tell anyone. SHOULD you tell your parents? YES, of course you should. Do you HAVE to? NO.

How do you ask a doctor if you are pregnant?

Say this: Am I pregnant or what?

You are 15 and you are pregnant?

S o you are 15 years old and pregnant, so do not worry or panic, tell your parents the whole truth, and now the bots parents and your parents must be cool headed and act fast , visit your doctor and do just as they say. and please do not blame each other for the mess.

If I am 15 yrs old and pregnant is it legal for someone other than my parents to take me to the doctor?

Yes. As long as u know them

Im 16 and you think im pregnant what should you do?

First you take a test to see if you actually are pregnant. The best is at the doctor so you know for sure. then tell your parents. You will need them no matter what choice you make. You can go with your mom to the doctor and get examined and hear all your options and discuss it. The choice is ultimately yours regardless of what your parents think.

What does it mean when a doctor has diffulculty finding your cervix and your not even pregnant?

This means that you have a small cervix. Some girls do. All girls have a cervix. This is what the opening into the uterus is called.

If you have all the signs of being pregnant then you get your period can you still be pregnant?

Oh yes. I was 5 months pregnant and started my period. I went to the hospital in a panic. The finding was a small cyst, nothing to worry about until after giving birth as long as your doctor keeps a very close watch on you & the babys health. If you are assuming you maybe pregnant but start your period, theres a good chance your not pregnant. You must go see a doctor for proper care & check up, only then can you be sure if you are or are not pregnant or if there is a different health concern to worry about. Please go see a doctor.

Can a pregnant runaway that turns eighteen in two months be taken to jail when she goes to receive prenatal care at a doctor's office without her parents?

WHAT??? NO. Whoever told you this is wrong. I was pregnant when I was seventeen adn I went and saw a doctor MULTIPLE times without my parents.

Pregnant need doctor exam having period?

If you're pregnant, you should always see a doctor for prenatal care. But if you're pregnant and bleeding you should definitely see a doctor.

How do you confirm an early pregnancy?

After taking a pregnancy test and finding out that you are pregnant, you must make an appointment to see your doctor to 'confirm' the pregnancy and book further appointments etc.

Rehap facilities for underage drinking in Iowa?

There are many great facilities in the northern Iowa area that can help with underage drinking and rehab for teens. I would ask your family doctor for a referral.

Do you have an STD why you can't get pregnant?

Probably not. A doctor will have to check you out on why you can not get pregnant.