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Does any body know if you can put two Performance chips in a 1997 Lincoln mark 8 and how do you put them in?



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where do u put the chip in? Why would you want to put two in anyway even if you could but can't. There is only one slot that you can put a chip in. The computer where you put the chip in is under the dash to the left of the steering columm with a 1 bolt attachment with the wiring harness. You remove it, and on the back of the computer is a black plug like thing a few inches long that you have to remove. You will have to remove the film, copper, by sanding with very fine sand paper or scuffing pad. Just follow instructions that come with the chip, what chip are you going to use? Just make sure you clean the surface real good for contact because you might be taking it out to re clean because if it isn't clean enough when you go to start the car if it runs like s##t and won't idle right then you know that it has to be cleaned more. Make sure you duck tape the chip to the connection real tight too. There really isn't any cheap "hot rod" things that you can do, the only one that comes to mind is a free thing, just your time and that is the air snorkle that is below the air box in the pass. wheel well that you can remove and drill holes in the front of the air box cover so it will breath so much better and you will love the sound, like the good ole muscle cars sounded like. You should be able to beat your buddys car without any chip if you know how to drive and he doesn't have any trick parts under his hood, just have the traction lock off and the over drive off and a good driver will dust the other car. Hope this helps. For the chip to work properly you will also have to put in a 180 degree thermostat.