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please does anyone have a diagram to ire a ninja x1 pocket bike?

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โˆ™ 2009-03-20 22:04:54
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Q: Does anyone have a diagram to wire a ninja x1 pocket bike?
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Does anyone have a diagram to wire a ninja super pocket bike?

there it is good luck

Where can you get the wiring diagram for 2006 x2 ninja pocket bike?

X1 Pocket bike should be about the same but wiring colors may be different. I'm in the same boat. But I need the turnsignals bike didn't have any. Bottom of page @

How do you identify pocket bike model?


How do you take governors of mini ninja pocket bike?

you do somthing

How many miles does the pocket bike ninja x1 get?


I am looking for a SUNL wiring diagram for 49cc pocket bike?

The best place to find the wiring diagram for your 49cc pocket bike is to visit the dealer where it was purchased. The dealer should have all the manuals and diagrams necessary for repair.

Is a x1 ninja bike two-stroke?

The Ninja GT Superbike X1 Super Pocket Rocket uses a 2 stroke engine.

Wiring diagram for 50 cc quad pocket bike?


Where can you find a wiring diagram for an X-18 Pocket bike 110cc?

ya mums house

What is bigger a pocket bike or a pocket rocket?

It really depends on what kind of bike you are getting, but normally, a pocket bike is bigger.

What should you buy a ninja bike or a motorcycle?

Ninja Bike your welcome.

Can you ride a pocket bike in brampton without a license for a pocket bike?

yes, you need a lisences to ride a pocket bike in bramton

How to make a Pocket bike turbo?

how do you make pocket bike turbo or where do you buy it i need it for my f4-15 pocket bike 49cc

Where can one purchase a pocket bike?

One can purchase a pocket bike from the following sources: Mini Pocket Rockets, Join 2 Buy UK, Pocket Bike Canada, Scooter Depot, Pocket Bikes Unlimited.

Where can one purchase a X18 Pocket Bike?

There are many places where one can purchase a X18 Pocket Bike. One can purchase an X18 Pocket Bike at popular on the web sources such as USA Pocket Bikes and Mini Pocket Rockets.

What is better a pocket bike or a doodle bug mini bike?

a pocket bike because you can do a lot o stuff

How do you unlock the ninja bike in bike race?

To unlock ninja bike, you must win a total of 250 multi player games or buy it for $2.99.

How do you make a 43cc pocket bike go faster?

how to make a pocket bike faster.

In what age you could ride a pocket bike?

Depends where you live. In Florida, anyone under 16 cannot operate one.

How fast does a pocket bike go?

A pocket bike can go up to 45 to 125 km

Where to buy a pocket bike in Ohio? go to the motorcycle/scooter section and search pocket bike or pocket rocket

How do you find an exhaust for a pocket bike?

go to and go to parts and choose your style pocket bike.

How do you quiet a pocket bike exhaust?

how to quiet a exhaust on a pocket bike without buying a new exhaust?

How do you adjust the governor on a mini dirt pocket bike?

you cant adjust the govener on a pocket bike because it does not have one

Does the gearbox of a pocket bike x7 fits a pocket bike x8?

If you do not know you should ask your nearest MOM!!!!!!