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Remedies can only be given if one knows the cause of the problem. No one can diagnose your health problems online -- even based on the symptoms you provided.

You should contact a medical professional/gynecologist for answers to your specific questions and to get an in-person evaluation and any necessary tests or medications.

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Q: Does anyone have a remedy for or experience with swelling itching and pain of the vulva?
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What is the remedy for itching nipples?

put itching cream on it, put lotion on it

What homeopathic remedy can be use for itching shingles?

Rhus tox homeopathic remedy can help in cases of shingles also sulphur is a good remedy for itchy, inflamed skin that bleed when scratched.

What is a natural remedy for itching?

A common natural remedy for itching is Lemon Juice. The juice in lemons contains anti-inflammatory chemicals. Another common treatment is Baking Soda and Oatmeal Baths. Dab bite/sting immediately with non-sudsing ammonia.

What home remedy can help you get pregnant faster?

There is not a home remedy to help anyone get pregnant faster.

You have swelling of veins in your right leg groin reason for it and its remedy?

I would just smile and be grateful

What ointments soothe insect bites?

A simple solution is to use wet baking soda, which is effective in relieving itching. Cortisone cream is the most famous remedy for itching, but there are many others.

What is the remedy on knee back pains with knee top swelling?

One remedy would be amputation above the knee joint. I suggest you visit your doctor before taking such a drastic step.

Is there a natural remedy for hives?

The most common treatment for hives is a warm oatmeal bath. It will not make them go away but it does help with the itching.

How do you treat a hornet sting?

Well an old remedy is right away put half of a tomato on it! the swelling should not be as big!

What is lanocaine used for?

Over the counter remedy for itching. Use with care -- make sure it doesn't cause you a rash by doing a test first with a small area.

Herbal remedy for allergies in a child?

Put a really warm wash cloth on his or her nose to reduce swelling from blowing and loosen up the mucus.

Is there a home remedy to heal swelling from lip piercings?

Yes it's called ICE, you should have written aftercare instructions for the care of your piercing and what to do to control swelling. If you dont have instructions then contact your piercer and ask for them, unless this was a DIY piercing then you are on your own.

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