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1)set the rockers 2)advance the timing 3)sports air cleaner 4)biger exhaust 5)give it more fuel,this is about all you can do without spending much money...never change the firing order of any vehicle as this will make everything run worse and have no power.Firing at the wrong time may cause it to detonate and blow a hole in the pistons

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When you are heating something in this never point it at yourself or anyone else?

Heat wave

Does anyone have a solution for acute laziness?

You could try bribing yourself. Example: read this much, treat yourself to ice cream or something

Is it bad to be a transsexual?

It is only bad if you don't feel right being yourself. Be yourself and love who you are, and respect others for who they are. Anyone who tells you different is afraid of something and, in trying to control that fear, they end up trying to control how others think and feel.

How do you be yourself again?

You cannot be anyone except yourself.

How do you impress anyone?

be yourself

How can you be cute if you have glasses and short blond hair?

you can be cute in so many different ways if you know how to be yourself. as long as you are yourself you shine like a star and be as cute as anyone else

What does bottle something up mean?

Think about putting something in a bottle and putting a cork in it. The idea is that you are putting your emotions into a bottle and not letting anyone see them, or not letting yourself feel something negative like anger or grief.

Is it unheathy to crossdress?

Not at all. It's unhealthy to deprive yourself of something that you want to do. Do what make you feel better just as long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. People shouldn't care what others wear.

Can anyone repair my shed?

Can anyone repair my shed?

Why do the Freemasons have to do things in secret?

Why does anyone like to do things in private? Privacy means you do not have people annoying you when you are trying to do something. It means you can be yourself. It means you share something special with the others who share that privacy.

Who is anyone?

anyone who is someone or something. i think...

How do you boost your self-confidence?

Acknowledge your past mistakes and decide to have learned from them. If you keep doing different, out of character things, you will not be scared to do something different in the future. Force yourself to not be scared of the unknown, The fear of embarrassment can hold you back from the things you want to do. If anyone makes fun of you, their either just jealous or just big meanies. Don't let it get to you. You are who you are and you shouldn't let anyone change you.

Is it ok to be a 21 year old virgin?

It's not a bad thing. It's wonderful and shows you have respect for yourself. Everyone is different, and you don't need to judge yourself by anyone else's standards.

Is illuminati selling yourself to the devil?

yes it is selling yourself to the devil katy perry is illuminati so is justin bieber if anyone tells u it was a group of people that changed the world or did something then they r liars

Can you learn?

Anyone can learn. Different people learn at different rates, and some people learn more easily than others do, but everyone can learn something.

What spell can turn you into a monkey?

Sorry, transmutation is not something possible using a spell. You can not turn yourself (or anyone else) into a frog, a mermaid, a monkey or anything else.

Does anyone have r kelly's grammy performance video of i believe i can fly?


The theme of heat by mike lupica?

Follow your dreams, and don't let anyone tell you different.

What is different of invent between discover?

Invent mean that you make the object all by yourself without anyone knowing it, but discover means that someone already made that object but you just find without anyone knowing it.

How do you know you love a boy?

Honestly this is coming from a guy and you can tell because you dont like talking about it with anyone and you find yourself looking at them when they walk by. This coming from something that happened to me

What does Mount Everest mean to you in 100 words?

You should attempt such homework questions yourself. Simply copying what others say defeats the purpose. In addition what something means to me, or anyone else, may be completely different to your ideas. Think about where and what it is. The things that have happened there. How it came into being. Its history.

What does embarrass mean?

It means when you are shy about something or you didn't want anyone to know about something and they found out, and you think you'll get made fun of for or something like that. It's also if you do something really stupid, for example. . .peeing yourself in public... you would probably be embarrassed by that, and wouldn't want to be seen in public.

How do i get guys to notice me?

Just be yourself. Act naturally and don't change yourself to impress anyone.

Who is the American soprano famous for her performance of Schumann's songs?

anyone?? lotte lehmann

Indian girls Looking 4 relationships in Australia?

well in Australia there are a lot of different people. they are open to many different cultures and people. so just be yourself and don't try to be anyone else.