Does anyone know of any home remedies like a mixture of concoctions of different herbs that can take Toxins out of a persons body like their liver?

Dandelion is known as a liver tonic. Utilizing the leaves, or making dandelion coffee from the roots are the most effective. It is used by many to do a thorough 'spring cleaning' of the body as well.

The leaves can be eaten on sandwiches or in salads. They provide a wide variety of nutrients, just make sure if harvesting them yourself to get young leaves, as older ones can be bitter.

For Dandelion coffee: Wash the roots, slice lengthwise in half, and then air dry for several days. Cut into one-inch sections, then roast on a baking sheet at 375˚F for two to four hours. Turn them regularly so that they brown evenly. Your kitchen should be smelling almost like you are brewing a pot of coffee when they are done. Grind as needed, and use in place of coffee beans. Yummy and MUCH healthier for you.

Other recommendations for liver trouble: Skip the animal fats. Your liver works 3 times as hard processing these. Minimize other fats as well, and stay with the healthy ones, like olive oil.

Another simple liver boost: Every morning, before breakfast, drink one cup of room temperature water with the juice of half a lemon. You liver will thank you for it;-)