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could be alternator or short in harness

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โˆ™ 2006-10-30 02:29:37
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Q: Does anyone know what would be the culprit of the code 41 generator field not switching properly on a 1997 Plymouth Neon espresso?
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The generator ( alternator ) is not charging properly.The generator ( alternator ) is not charging properly.

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How do you remove and install an alternator on a 1997 Plymouth Neon Espresso with step by step instructions?

take a 3/8" ratchet, insert it into the tension pulley (there will be a square slot on the outside), turn it until the belt loosens up enogh to pull the belt off the alternator pulley. unplug the wire that goes into the back of the alternator, and remove the bolts of the bracket, reverse to install. Thanks to the person above who answered this for me. This has been done. I started my car after puting the new one in and the light came on. It is a code 41 (field generator not switching properly). What exactly does this mean and what possibilities could be causing this? I did have the battery cables off while I was installing the new alternator. I am afraid of letting the car run for the battery to charge back up not knowing what else may be going on with the code 41.

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