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Diodes have capacitance, placing a limit on their switching rate.

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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz what is the period of the wave

In which material does sound travel the fastest

In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

A 5 ohm resistor a 10 ohm resistor and a 15 ohm resistor are connected in series to a 120 volt power source What is the amount of current flowing between the 5 ohm resistor and the 10 ohm resistor

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Q: Why diodes does not work properly in high frequency?
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Two discrete diodes connected back to back can work as a transistor?

Two diodes, whether or not discreet, cannot work together as a transistor. The diodes and transistor have different profiles to optimize them for their specific functions

How does the veractor diode work?

They are usually used as voltage variable capacitors,not as diodes. The diode is made in such a way that when reverse biased (where the voltage across the diode is in the polarity where very little current flows) the capacitance varies considerably with the voltage across it. This action is usually used to make resonant Inductor-capacitor circuits have their resonant frequency dependent upon the "DC" voltage across them. For instance: A low frequncy signal, like Audio, is impressed across a veractor tuned resonant circuit to make a much higher frequency oscillator (at say an FM station frequency) vary its frequency in proportion to the amplitude of the "instantaneous" Audio signal. (at 100 MHz nominal oscillation frequency, the audio is like slowly moving "DC"). One can make a frequency modulated radio this way. (rather distorted; veractor characteristics of V across to C across are pretty non-linear).These diodes are made by having one side of the "P-N" junction that forms the diode be very lightly doped. What this does is make the depletion region; the region where conductive carriers are pulled out by the reverse bias across the diode (where it doesn't conduct) change its width considerably more than usual. (all diodes have some of this voltage variability) This depletion width is non-conducting and acts like the dielectric of a capacitor. As the voltage across changes the width of the dielectric changes thus the capacitance across the device changes.

Why using 555 timer in ir transmitter?

Hi Everyone Ir receiver works as Band bass filters centered at f0 (Carrier frequency), so you should send pulses of IR transmitter LED at the carrier frequency. 555 timer IC can easily generate the carrier frequency by adjusting it to work in Astable mode. Adjusting R1 & R2 and value of capacitor can easily generate the desired frequency. Note: In case of no IR signal sent or continuous transmission, the output of IR receiver is high. during cut-beam the IR signal, the output of IR receiver still high then removing the obstacle the IR signal at f0 sent again. The receiver output will be low then after short time the output back to high state best wishes Islam

What is High frequency transformer?

High frequency power transformer as a product (ie goods) starting, that its design principles and requirements, and describes its design process. Keywords: High frequency power transformer; design principles; located Abstract: The high-frequency power transformer as a product (ie goods) starting, that its design principles and requirements, and describes its design process. Keywords: High frequency power transformer; design principles; design requirements; design process features a foreword power transformer is the power transfer, voltage transformation and isolation isolation, as a major soft magnetic components, power supply and power electronics technology been widely used. Transmission power according to the size, power transformers can be divided into several files: 10kVA or more for the power, 10kVA ~ 0.5kVA is in power, 0.5kVA ~ 25VA for the low-power, 25VA Following is a micro-power. Different transmission power, the power transformer design are not the same, should be self-evident. It was based on its primary function is the power transfer, the English name "Power Transformers" into "power transformer", in many documents and data are still in use. What is called "power transformer" or called "power transformer" is good? Science and technology terminology to be authority to select the decision. With an English name "Power Transformer", also translated as "power transformer." Power transformers used for power transmission and distribution system from the power transmission, voltage transformation and isolation insulating effect than the primary voltage is 6kV high-voltage, power minimum 5kVA, the largest over the million kVA. Power transformers and power transformers, although the working principle is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, but both stressed the power transmission transformer big, but also stressed the high isolation voltage insulation, both in the **** coil, or the insulation structure design, with the power to send small , insulation and low voltage power transformer isolated significant differences, but can not be designed to optimize the design of power transformer condition mechanically applied to the power transformer to go. Power transformers and power transformer design method is not the same, it should be self-evident. High frequency power transformer is the operating frequency over frequency (10kHz) power transformers, high frequency switching power supply is mainly used for high frequency switching power transformers, but also for high-frequency and high frequency inverter power supply for high-frequency inverter welding machine inverter transformer. According to the level of the operating frequency can be divided into several grades: 10kHz ~ 50kHz, 50kHz ~ 100kHz, 100kHz ~ 500kHz, 500kHz ~ 1MHz, 1MHz or more. Larger transmission power, the operating frequency is relatively low; transmission power is relatively small, the operating frequency is relatively high. Thus, both the frequency difference, there are differences in transmission power, frequency of different grades of power transformer design is different, it should be self-evident. As noted above, of the high-frequency power transformer design principles, requirements and procedures are error concept, but in early July 2003, read "Application of Power" 2003 No. 6 specifically recommend two high-frequency magnetic components Design article, had doubts and felt some issues worthy of further discussion, it was to write this article. As the "power technology," Editorial put it: "concrete analysis of concrete situations," the purpose of writing is to try to detail and selection of the most difficult component of the magnetic high-frequency power transformer design to clarify . The place where it is wrong, please correct me by several authors and readers. 2 high-frequency power transformer high frequency power transformer design principles as a product of natural products with the properties, so high-frequency power transformer design principles and other commodities, is done under the specific conditions of use in the pursuit of specific performance of the functions price than the best. Emphasis on performance and efficiency may sometimes, sometimes emphasis on price and cost. Now, light, thin, short and small, to become the development direction of high frequency power supply is that of cost. Which became a major difficulty of the high-frequency power transformers, but more efforts in this regard. Therefore, high-frequency power transformer "design features" a text, talk about performance, not talk about the cost, can not be said to be a major shortcoming, if you will seriously consider the principle of high-frequency power transformer design, the pursuit of better performance and low cost to send less than 10VA the chip switching power supply high frequency transformers, should be designed lighter, thin, short, small programs. Cost aside, the market value of the law is merciless! Many properties of a good product, often because the price can not be accepted by the market who were left out and eliminated. Often the cost of a new product was finally rejected. Some "saving money is not festival" products why not open the market to promote worth pondering. Product cost, including not only material costs, production costs, including research and development costs, design costs. Therefore, in order to save time, based on past experience, high-frequency power transformer iron loss ratio of copper losses, leakage inductance and magnetizing inductance ratio, primary and secondary winding loss ratio, the current density to provide some reference data, the extent of the window fill winding wires and structure to some of the programs, what is wrong? Why must progressively projected back and forth and simulation, it is not the concept of error? Of 80 years in the 20th century to develop high-frequency magnetic amplifier switching power supply to the lowest temperature conditions, optimized high-frequency power transformer design. Difficult to determine the thermal resistance, a far cry from the sample results and trial had again amended. Now some of the company's **** product specifications in order to reduce the user time high-frequency power transformer, and some simplified design formulas are listed, some with the table lists the **** operating frequency in a certain transmission power. This not only for the sake of users, but also to promote the company's products win-win behavior is entirely consistent with the behavior of market rules, not what is needed misconceptions Analysis. The problem is to provide reference data, the recommended solution is a summary of experience? There is no universal? Including the "Analysis" article to some of the claims, we need proven to hold water. In short, do keep in mind: high-frequency power transformer is a product (ie, commodities), the design principle is to be completed under the specific conditions of use of specific functions in the pursuit of best price performance. The sole criterion for testing the design is to design products that can withstand the test of the market. 3 high-frequency power transformer design requirements to design principles as a starting point, you can make four high-frequency power transformer design requirements: Conditions, completion, improve efficiency and reduce costs. 3.1 Conditions of Use Conditions of Use, including two aspects: reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. Previously only pay attention to reliability, since the increased awareness of environmental protection, must pay attention to electromagnetic compatibility. Reliability refers to the specific conditions of use, high-frequency power transformer can work to life so far. General Conditions of Use of High Frequency Power Transformer is the biggest environmental temperature. Some soft magnetic materials, relatively low Curie point, temperature sensitive. For example: Mn-Zn ferrite, the Curie point only 215 ? the magnetic flux density, permeability and loss changes with the temperature, so the addition to the normal temperature of 25 ? but also gives the 60 ? 80 ? 100 ? a variety of reference data. Therefore, Mn-Zn ferrite **** of the operating temperature limits below 100 ? which is the ambient temperature is 40 ? the temperature rise of only less than 60 ? the equivalent of A-temperature insulating materials. Mn-Zn ferrite cores with the matching pieces of magnet wire and insulation, are generally used E-class and B class insulation material, the use of triple H class insulation magnet wire and polyamide insulating film, is not overkill? Costs how much? H class insulation is not because of the high-frequency power transformer design optimization can make the volume reduced by 1 / 2 to 1 / 3 the reason? If yes, please give specific examples of data. Development of the H class insulation has frequency 50Hz, 10kVA dry-type transformers, and insulation class B frequency 50Hz, 10kVA dry-type transformers compared to volume decreased 15% to 20%, is already quite substantial. Have been relatively small volume of high-frequency 100kHz10VA high frequency power transformers, such as the secondary windings are triple insulated wire, can reduce the size of 1 / 2 to 1 / 3, it must be a very valuable experience. Detailed information about optimal design of programs for readers to learn.

How does a signal generator work?

For ac usually is a non linear resistance that can be used to change frequency Or a relaxation oscillator can supply square waves and filter it to get the basic frequency.. piratically all of them needs some kind of positive feedback

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Why ordinary diodes dont work properly At high frequencies?

Because of stray capacitance. At very high frequencies, the inter-electrode capacitance has a low enough impedance that the diode no longer cuts off when reverse-biased, there is still significant conduction via capacitive coupling. High-frequency diodes are constructed so as to minimize this capacitance.

Why does a high pitch noise have a greater frequency?

B/c that's what we've decided, and that's how physics work. High pitch = short wavelength = high frequency. Low pitch = long wavelength = low frequency.

What type of diodes are used in bridge rectifier?

Mainly diodes that handle a fair amount of power. When diodes are constructed in a "bridge", it usually means someone is trying to rectify AC to DC voltage in what is considered a "full wave". Both sides of the sine wave + and - are utilized to change the AC current into DC. Typically power diodes are used in this fashion. Crystal diodes or other types will not work in a bridge circuit as they cannot handle the amperage or wattage that typically is wanted. Power diodes are usually ones that handle 1 amp or more of current. Some power diodes can handle 60 amps or more if properly constructed in a heat sink dependent upon their ratings.

Two discrete diodes connected back to back can work as a transistor?

Two diodes, whether or not discreet, cannot work together as a transistor. The diodes and transistor have different profiles to optimize them for their specific functions

What are the application of low pass and high pass filter?

they are used in industries so to able you to work on particular frequency and cut the other for e.g if you are working for high frequency then low frequency will be cut and vise versa

How does a high frequency induction motor work?

In a high frequency induction motor, EMF is induced leading to current flow. Torque in the rotor coil increases. As frequency increases, Impedance of the Rotor increases and currency reduces.

Can refrigerant charge be too high?

Yes. An ac system will not work properly if over charged.Yes. An ac system will not work properly if over charged.

Why op amp do not work in high frequency?

the op amp is a one IC which does not work at hige volteg so the IC not consumed the high frequncy

How do diodes work?

A diode has a very high resistance to current flow in one direction and a very low resistance to current flow in the opposite direction

Can you have a high bass frequency?

Yes, you can have a high bass frequency. Prolonged exposure to high frequencies can cause hearing loss. In audio work, "bass" usually refers to the low frequencies; "treble" refers to higher frequencies.

Do diodes work in ac or DC or both?

ya it will work in both ac and dc

Do high-frequency facial machines work?

Yes, it works well for your skin. High-frequency facial machines provide a range of benefits when you use them properly. It decreases your eye puffiness and reduces dark circles, which affect your skin glow. CONTACT INFORMATION ADDRESS Hobourn House, Priory Road Rochester, Kent, ME2 2EG PHONE 01634 565005 / 07471237252

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