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Does anyones Chrysler PT Cruiser have any rainwater leaks into the passenger and driver foot wells and what was the cause?



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Hello, Did you get an answer to your question as my PT has the exact same problem and the water is causing a smell! Are you sure its rainwater or is that a guess as I am uncertain where my fault is coming from. Many thanks, joyce

I had a similar leak which I discovered was coming from my sun roof, traveling inside the headliner, and running down the post between the front door and the windshield My fix was to rub a thin layer of Vaseline along the rubber seal on the sun roof and seal on the car roof. This seems to have stopped the leak, and I did this over a year ago. Tim

there is a black plastic shield at the bottom of the windshield, kind of a decorative piece around the wipers. You will find that the water is coming down the windshield and rather than going into the well and draining off it is going behind that shield and right through the firewall.

You have to take that black piece off and reposition it. Problem solved. it must be an automatic installed piece because I have found 5 PT with the same issue.