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I think he is married

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Q: Does batista have a non-celebrity girlfriend?
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Who is Dave Batista girlfriend?

No GirlfriendDave Batista does not have a girlfriend.

Who is Dave batista?

No GirlfriendDave Batista does not have a girlfriend.

Does batista have girlfriend?

No, he has a wife

Does batista have a girlfriend?

I think he is married

You thought batista had a girlfriend from Portugal to?

No, he is dating Melina

Does wrestling superstar Dave Batista have a Girlfriend?

yes he does

Is kellykelly in love?

no,,, of course not, but kellykelly is batista's ex girlfriend

Would Nick Jonas go out with a noncelebrity?

Of course he would!

Who was batista's last girlfriend?

A girl named Kathy who has nothing to do with wrestling

What is batista girlfriend?

i don't think he has one, I'll have to say rey mysterio.....hahah

Does David Batista have a girlfriend or wife?

He hasdivorced his wife Angie but it is rumoured that he is dating ex ECW diva Rebecca

Has Joe Jonas kissed his girlfriend Selena Batista?

Yes in fact they have a 3 year old son together