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Does being a cross-dresser make you gay?


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No. Cross dressing has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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Wearing women's underwear doesn't make you gay or straight. You're a crossdresser (sometimes called a transvestite).

Id say hes definitely gay, what you should do is post some pictures of him crossdressing on facebook and if his friends say hes gay, then he must be gay

No, nothing can make a man gay except being born gay.

No. Nothing can make you gay unless you are already gay. Sexual orientation is not changeable.

You don't choose to become a crossdresser. You choose to act on it, you choose to be open about it, but you do not choose to become a crossdresser. As to telling parents, it all depends on what they are like: is it going to make strife in the house, possibly endanger your life? The telling is NOT a good idea. If your parents are open-minded, then a frank and open discussion may be the right thing. Always remember, you can't stop being a crossdresser, but you can choose not to dress.

Not necessarily. Being gay is being physically AND emotionally attracted to the same sex.

Being gay doesn't work like that. You are either born gay, or you are not. Anything you do sexually does not make you straight or gay.

by buying make-up,breast forms,dresses,bras, pantied,etc and to really pass buy hair extensions. im also a crossdresser that is NOT "gay"

No, but they can lower your inhibitions so you admit to being gay.

Show them your not gay. Get a girlfriend and make fun of them for not having one

Being gay is not a choice. If you feel like you are gay then you just follow your heart. If you are not gay, nothing will make you gay.

Yes, that's the general idea of being gay.

No. There is zero possibility of pregnancy in gay-only sex.

No, you are not gay, but a crossdresser. Crossdressers are often confused as being gay, but it's a myth. Some people just have sexual quirks about them and crossdressing harms no one and if you are lucky enough to find a woman that will do as you ask then there is nothing wrong with it.

Being gay is not a choice or something that can be learned. Being gay is as natural as being straight, it just happens. Scouts do not make people gay or teach them to be gay. Scouts teaches children survival skills and toughens them up for the outside world. It has nothing to do with making people gay. Respect people's sexuality.

Yes, they absolutely can. clothing doesn't have any effect on sexuality or whether or not you are a cross dresser.

Nothing can "make you" gay. Being gay is a sexual orientation, which cannot be switched on by eating or drinking anything. No, and it won't give you zits either.

No. Sexual preferences aren't genetic.

Gay people make up about 2.8-3.5% of the population, by many studies.

No, you are only gay if you are attracted to other guys.

The character of Dumbledore is gay, according to J.K. Rowling, and hateful people frequently make jokes about gay people and characters.

It depeneds on what clothes of yours he had on but what ever it was I would be careful because it sounds like he is either gay or a crossdresser

Puberty is all about discovering yourself. If you find that you're gay, you most likely are. However being curious about the same sex does not make you gay, that's normal.

No not at all, being male and seeing a penis has nothing to do with being gay, being gay is more a matter of being sexually attracted to other men. If you wanted to have sex with your dad then that could make you gay... Just looking at his penis does not.

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