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Chemical activity

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Can you feel Earth's movemnet?

Only if there is an earthquake.

What art elements does Edvard Munch have?

color and line to create movemnet. shape.

When the pop art movemnet take place?

It took place in the earily 1960s

How did polonious die?

hamlet kills him Hamlet is "frightened by some movemnet behind the curtain" and slays him thinking it was Cladius.

What were the goals of the women sufferage movemnet about?

Well, suffrage means to be able to vote, so the goal of the womens suffrage was to change the voting laws and allow for women to be able to vote.

What Christian denominations tried to convert slaves and end slavery?

The Abolitionist movemnet was pioneered by Quakers, and soon joined by Methodists, later it was taken up by the Baptists and other protestant groups.

What does saltaps mean in CPR terms?

S: Stop play A: Ask what happened L: Look at the affected area/injury T: Touch the affected area A: Active Movement P: Passive movemnet e.g stretching S: Stand up and play on

What are some of the major differences between World War 1 and two?

some differences are that the first world war was that there fighting was mostly in trnches and they were postioned in one place in the second world war the war was fought in air planes and tanks and submarines and on land in battle atvs it was more movemnet also the holocaust was the main goal for the Germans was to

What is the evidence used to support the Big Bang theory?

Observation of the universe, using telescopes. Galaxies and stars are not static. They are moving in relation to each other. This movemnet can be detected by doppler shift in the observable light. The universe is expanding. Therefore if it is expanding, it must have expanded from some point. In the relatively short time that we have made scientific observations, the distance over time can be measured. So simply reversing the time and distance, the point and time of the point can be calculated. A big bang.

How was music in the 40's and 50's important?

The music in the 50's was important as well from the 40's. IT is beause during these time periods there were many promblems in that time such as the World War 2 , British invasion and more promblems . So the 50's of music and 40's came to create a music movemnet that impacted in the teen's culture such as listening to something really good craeting dances with twist ,disco,house lead to creation of rock and roll and rythem and blues it just these people enjoyment , life fulled with something to do such as danceing. that effected to become the music of the 60's , 70's and to this point of 2008 . It important to techonly , on how different devices came to the 50's to now our every day i-pods . So , impacted the future of ours and their of creating music for us .

How is Gandhi remembered?

Gandhi can be remembered as a very opiniated person, who would never sacrifice his principles or beliefs for momentary gains. principles or beliefs,which were many times contrary to conventional norms. But the determination he had , made it possible for him to have his way and change the way people think and act in certain situations. Take for instance, the beleif of Non-violence, Gandhi believed through out his life that non-violence is always better than violence. So when the Non-cooperation movemnet which he initiated against the British in the early 1920s, turned violent from his side(his followers turned violent in Chora Chauri--a small city in united province of india), he with drew the movement. Even though most of his poitical collegues termed the decision foolish, as the movement was at its peak at that time, Gandhi declined to change his decision. So one can say that he chose his belief to the momentary gain. But his sticking to his principles, moved not only his colleagues but also the masses, who understood it very clearly that whatever be the condition, if they stray away from what Gandhi had told them to do, he will not support them. Anil Bisht

What is a soft cast splint?

A soft cast splint is a type of splint which is made from a material called soft cast. Soft cast is a material made by 3M for casting. It is used in the same way as a normal fibreglass cast is made. The casting material does not set as rigidly as normal fibreglass casting and can therefore allow movemnet or give. The more layers of the material used the more rigid it wil become. Because soft cast is not as rigid, as say scothcast or thermosplastics, it tends to be more comfortable to wear. It is not suitable for immobilising a limb for example in the case of a fracture but can be helpful in cases wear some support is needed but movement allowed. I have made splints with softcast for the treatment of tendonitis as well as a transition from rigid splinting to none at all. The splint limits movement and protects the injured tissue. There are lots of other materials that can be used to make splints and indeed you don't specify what the splint is to be used for. The decision to use a certain material will be based a lot of factors including the type of injury, the person needing splint and their requirements and also the aims of immobilising. The resaon that I would choose to use this material over normal fibreglass casting and thermosplastics is that is softer and more comfortable. The reason I would go with something else include if I need a stronger splint or more rigid immobilisation.

How did Hitler come to power?

Hitler came to power because of three main factors: weakness of the Weimar Republic, the strength of the Nazis, and the economic problems that partly stemmed from World War I.Hitler was made chancellor by Hindenburg, who believed he could use him as a puppet, but as we can all see this was actually the reverse.His Nazi party was effective at bullying and removing his opponents, and once in power Hitler did the same for the opposition political parties. When Hindenburg died in 1934, there was nothing to prevent Hitler from seizing absolute power as "Führer und Reichskanzler."He became the leader of the National German Socialist Workers Party or the Nazi party, the Nazi party then gained the majority in the Reichstag. Hitler asked to become the emergency chancellor because of Germany's financial troubles after WWI. When he was granted this, he changed the government to a dictatorship, and kept power as Fuhrer.He was democratically elected with 32 percent of the popular vote.Adolf Hitler got his power because he promised the people of Germany that he would restore their country to its former glory.He promised them that he would stop paying the treaty of versailles and that he would expand the living space for everyone, (obviously by invading other countries)He gained the peoples support from his ability to talk in public and the confidence he gave anyone who would be listening. The people of Germany were pleased to hear that someone was there to help them and look after them.He got his power through the people to start but then began to move on to more serious and direct methods. He started the 'Hitler Youth Movemnet' which encouraged children to support Hitler and become part of the cause. He also became the leader of the Nazi party who stood on their own in politics. The Nazi party eventually became in power. Once they had complete control they changed every rule possible so that no matter what anyone said or did, no one could throw them out of Power